Cancer and almost all degenerative diseases have as their underlying cause, epigenetic triggers. The below five components when in are protective, when out they are potent triggers of dis-ease. Before starting an aggressive, allopathic, treatment protocol, it is imperative that one get these five strategies in place as soon as possible.

  1. A ketogenic diet, high in micronutrients (antioxidants), mostly vegetarian with healthy fats. Additional information – Dominic D’Agostino, PhD – The Cantin Ketogenic Diet
  2. Aerobic exercise and weight training, daily. Additional information –  New Findings: The Link Between Cancer and Exercise
  3. 8 hours of actual sleep per night. Additional information – Sleep and Cancer
  4. Creating and/or maintaining a positive mental attitude through the method of your choice. Additional information – Bruce Lipton, PhD Epigenetics and Cancer & Quantum Healthcare (4:20 into the video)
  5. Targeted supplementation or nutraceutical therapy, including cannabis oil. Additional information – NAC 1, 2,  – Enzyme therapy – Curcumin – Iodine – And there are many others!