5 Simple Actions to Assist You in Making or Keeping a Commitment

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The most successful way to make your wants, dreams, resolutions or ideas come true is through – COMMITMENT.

How many of you have said:

  • I WANT to lose weight; get in better shape; live a long, healthy and happy life…
  • I DREAM of having a six figure paycheck or at least six-pack abs.
  • I have a brilliant IDEA for…
  • I RESOLVE to be a better spouse, parent and/or friend…

So why are all of these dreams, wants, ideas and resolutions unfulfilled? It’s not because of bad luck or someone is keeping you down. It’s most likely, lack of commitment or lack of follow through. You have the best and most honorable of intentions. You start many things. You dabble. Tip-toe around the edges. Prepare for the final product to arrive, only to gas-out just after the starting gate – without ever glimpsing the finish-line and prize.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way, at least never again.

Here are 5 simple actions, when done, will make the commitment, of any kind, easier to confront and achieve. Once this becomes a habit, you will find making and keeping a commitment incredibly fulfilling – for you and others.

1. Make your resolution (idea, dream…) an intense, burning, DESIRE, not a mere SHOULD.  
Resolution (my definition):  to make a decision with intention, to yourself or another, that is clear and understandable.  Ex. I WILL lose 15 lbs by July 01, 2016, by exercising and following a paleo diet. If I find I need help, I WILL find a coach who will help me to achieve my goal.

2. Write your resolution (idea, dream…) down and read it daily.

3. Set-up an easy gauge to track your success.  
Celebrate your milestones, breakthroughs and successes. Attach pride, accomplishment, and gratitude to these incremental achievements.

4. If you’re going to make an impact, you must DO, MOVE, ACT, PROMOTE…
No one ever won a race, realized their dream or idea… by merely preparing, procrastinating, wishing, hoping or contemplating the meaning of the universe. “The first step in Doing is to START.” M. Ettinger

5. Put yourself in a place of personal responsibility.
The first commitment  we should all make to ourselves is to commit to personal responsibility. My dad told my brother and me, many times when we were very young, “No one is going to take care of you, so it’s up to you to take care of yourself.” A little harsh to push on a 5-year-old, but it’s served me well all of these years.

Thank you for making a commitment and reading this until the end.
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