My son Alex started having breathing problems at 4 months of age. You could hear the congestion in his nose and the rattle in his chest. By 5 months he developed pneumonia. Alex was referred to by his pediatrician to a specialist at St Joseph’s hospital, who placed him on a few put him on multiple medications.

At 7 months, Alex developed bronchiolitis (def. swelling and mucus buildup in the smallest air passages in the lungs (bronchioles), usually due to a viral infection). Again, he was seen by the specialist and put on more meds. Also, Alex had 3 double ear infections and 5 single ear infections with in 8 months of age.

Our baby has endured being forcefully held down so that the x-rays could be taken, vials and vials of blood taken from him for testing, etc… The specialist diagnosed him with chronic sinusitis, allergies and asthma.

Alex has been prescribed the following by his previous doctors: Prednisone 2x/day, Pulmicort 3x/day, Albuterol, 2x/day, Nasonex, Augmentin, and Orapred. We did see improvement for a week or so but the symptoms always returned and the same rounds of medications were prescribed over and over again. I would get-up at 5:00am to give him his breathing treatments and would drive home from work at lunch so I could give him his mid-day breathing treatment. These breathing treatments, alone, took 40 minutes to administer 3x/day.

We had our first visit with Dr. Ettinger, on May 4th, after being highly recommended by a close friend. Within 2 weeks of under Dr. Ettinger’s care, Alex was taken off all medications listed above. He has been in Dr. Ettinger’s care for about 2 months now and his breathing problems have disappeared.

Previously, a cold to Alex was a guarantee for major medications. Now, no more waiting days to get a Dr’s appointment, no more endless waits in a waiting room, full of sick children and no more trips to urgent care at 2:00am.

Alex is now a happy 10 month old. I can’t tell you how stressful our life was before meeting Dr. Ettinger. I highly recommend Dr. Ettinger and deeply thank him for all his help. Dr. Ettinger’s approach has been a complete success.


Elizabeth Gonzales