Alternative Medicine

NET, NAET, Diet, Exercise....


Would you like to discover the real answer to the cause of your symptoms, disease or illness?

Please don’t go into agreement with the false notion that you or a loved one needs to, “learn to live with your symptom, illness or disease.”

It really doesn’t matter what your diagnostic label is (name of the disease or illness), it’s all about finding the root-cause of your body problem that’s important. If you merely mask the symptoms with drugs and fail to find the underlying cause of the health problem, you will only be setting yourself up for the inevitable future: more serious health problems and maybe even a premature demise.

Contrary to what traditional medical doctors (MD’s) want you to believe, there does exist effective and safe, natural methods, that are able to heal and support the body, and they have nothing to do with harmful medications or surgery. Again, there truly exists many safe and effective options; you just have to know where to look.

Where do I fit in? As a 27+ year practicing, alternative medicine practitioner, I possess an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the human body; diagnostic testing; functional and environmental medicine; pathophysiology of disease; holistic medicine; pharmacology; clinical nutrition; diet; and exercise. More importantly, I have a passion for helping people and treat every patient as if I had exactly what they did. By putting myself in their shoes, I can treat them as I would treat myself.

I have helped thousands of patients find the answers and regain back their healthy lives. True wellness is possible. I have seen almost every named medical condition. Here is just a partial list: (autoimmune disease – lupus, RA, MS; cancer; HIV/AIDS; ADD/ADHD; liver and gall bladder conditions; arthritis; weight issues; hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s disease;  hyperthyroid, Grave’s disease; stress, depression, anxiety; male/female hormones; gastritis/GERD/H.pylori; Lyme disease and co-infections;  biofilm, and many other body challenges).

“Toxic chemicals, nutrient depleted food, pollution, lack of exercise and excessive stress does ruin one’s health.
A sick body not only affects one’s ability to perform, but also one’s personality, appearance, relationships, work, and creativity.
The truth is – body problems are getting worse.
Individually, and as a society, we need to change how we live for the better.
Only a personal demand for improvement is needed.
There truly is hope, it’s safe, easy and cost effective.
Help is actually possible.”

Help is just a phone call away. Please pick up the phone today and call me at 714-639-4360