Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

I just thought it would be a good idea to validate all those individuals who, wholeheartedly, believe in whatever they want to believe in – right, wrong or indifferent. I want to acknowledge them without any evaluation or invalidation for why believe the way they do. I personally believe that, “what’s true to you, at this very moment, is the truth, for you, at this very moment.” Things may change and you may gain more knowledge and understanding, but for right now, that’s the truth.

Throughout our life-time we will be presented with many different and unique ideas, philosophies, dogmas and theories. At first glance they almost all seem to possess some valid and usable data. This is true, but as we become wiser, more educated, more experienced, by being exposed to these new ideas, etc., we begin to cultivate and nurture faith in something, and at the same time we become more biased. An example: UCLA Bruins are better than the USC Trojans. Are they? Some may say that, some will profess the opposite is true. The UCLA supporter has faith that his team is better and is biased against USC. This concept is true in a individual’s view of politics, religion, makes of automobiles, clothes, as well as many other categories of things.

My first paragraph is just meant to make the reader pause and think: Is one (thing/idea) really better, more right or superior than another, or is it just different? Is one (thing/idea) more true, than the other, or is it that one’s personal faith and bias validates one’s thinking it’s so.

I live by the motto: “Never invalidate another or evaluate for another.” Only you know how you feel and I can never, with 100% certainty, know how you truly feel. If you smoke, I will present you with analytical data of it’s ill effects and allow you to decide for yourself, if you would like to continue or stop. Trying to force one’s viewpoints on another will only create resistance and build-up a barrier between to the two parties. Education, education and more education is the only way to increase one’s awareness, and can only be achieved if the student is willing to learn.

The Bottom line here is, be willing to accept each other for who they are and do not try to force your viewpoints on another. No one likes to be made to do something or forced to listen to something or someone that they are not ready for. As my grandmother always said, ” you attract a lot more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.”

Marcus Ettinger

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