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How to make Cannabis Oil (DO NOT USE: Isopropyl alcohol, Naphtha or Butane. USE ONLY: 190 proof grain alcohol/Ever-clear)

How to make cannabis oil (version 1)
How to make cannabis oil (version 2)

Dietary Protocols:

The Johanna Budwig Protocol and Guide (from the Budwig Center, Malaga, Spain)
Alternative Cancer Treatment Researcher Lothar Hirneise Interviews Dr Johanna Budwig (Extract from Dr. Johanna Budwig’s book “Cancer – The Problem and The Solution”)

Helpful Links for Cannabis (CBD & TCH) Education and Useful Resources:

Lesson #2: Understanding Terpenes. Courtesy of

There are over 120 Terpenes (terpenoid fragrance molecules) manufactured within the Cannabis Plant. Terpenes have interesting effects on humans, including modulating the effects of THC and decreasing memory loss. These substances play other important, but not yet fully understood, roles in the interplay of Cannabinoids and other active components of the plant and the Nervous System. Cannabinoid Receptors are found in the brains and major organs of humans as well as all other life forms having a nervous system .

Among other properties, Terpenes are wonderful antioxidants.

Terpenoids having “Skunky” Molecules greatly enhance the positive effects of Cannabis!

The activity that occurs between THC and Terpenoids may modulate activity in several key ways.

CB 1 Receptor Interactions.
Increase THC affinity.
Remodel “G Proteins”.
Changes to BBB alters pharmokinetics.
Decreasing Memory Loss.

Terpenes in delta-9-tetrahydrocannabnol (THC)

Alpha Pinene = Pine Fragrance
Lemonene = Orange Fragrance
Sabinene = Pepper Fragrance
Myrcene =Perfumery Fragrance

Common Effects of the Major Terpenes found in Cannabis

Linalool (Also in Lavender)
Multidrug resistant bacteria.
Anti-tumor effects.
Potentiates Paclitaxel.
Suppresses Aspergillus Flaus Mycelial growth and Aflatoxin production.

Trans beta- caryophyllene ( ß-Caryophyllene is found in nearly all plants)
A Selective Activator of the CB 2 receptor.
Reduces Tissue Inflammation .
Reduces swelling in Head Trauma.
Reduces Fever.
Lowers Blood Pressure.

Myrcene (also in Mangos, Hops, & Lemon Grass)
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory & muscle relaxant properties.
Most Abundant.
Inhibits Mutagenesis. (Mitic’-Culafic’ D. 09)

Nerolidol (also in Citrus Rinds)
Anti-malarial .

Limonene (The 2nd most common Terpene in Cannabis; also in Citrus Rinds)
Primary component in a clinical study: reduce or eliminate antidepressant use. (Komori ’95)
Inhibits Aspergillus.
Blocks Carcinogenic effects of Benz-alpha-anthracene.
Positive clinical trial results for breast cancer protein effects.
Oxidative Stress in Lymphomas.