Celiac Sprue Tretament – Orange, CA

To Dr. Marcus Ettinger,

Three years ago I began to experience bouts of massive non-stop diarrhea, causing me to lose some serious weight (about 25-30lbs). After many visits to hospitals, not one of the medical “experts” could diagnose the problem. Finally, in May my problem diagnosed by a gastroenterologist as “non tropical sprue/malabsorption” caused by an intolerance to foods containing gluten. Since then I have made many trips to the hospital emergency room to have fluids put back into my body intravenously after becoming dehydrated. After my last battle with the “Gluten Monster” I was feeling extremely lethargic and just “not there.” As I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired I decided to pay Dr. Ettinger visit. After being attended to by him and after consuming his supplements I miraculously came back to life within three or four days! Today I don’t feel half as tired as I did a month ago and my energy level has increased ten fold.

It has become painfully obvious to me that standard medicine really doesn’t have a clue how to cure a sick body. Dr. Ettinger obviously does! What a guy!

Thank you.

B. Donaldson
San Mateo, CA