There are very few acts, in a daily routine, which will increase your odds for success more than to keep a DAILY JOURNAL and set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. The simple part of this equation is that the idea of daily journaling does work, can work, and will work. The hard part of the equation is starting it, doing it AND being consistent with it. It’s a good habit like all good habits, once you get use to it, it will become second nature. The longer you do it the more you will see how its implementation pays off. This will be the best incentive to keep up this, best-practices, habit. In addition, read what these guys have to say on goals and journaling. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel, especially when these guys have done such a god job with sharing their thoughts on the topic:  Tim Ferriss & here, Tony RobbinsGary Vaynerchuk and Warren Buffett.

The purpose of this post:  

I’m not here to tell you how to set goals or how to keep a daily journal. There are literally hundreds of fantastic books and websites available for that purpose. My goal here is to share my daily routine, goal setting and journaling forms. This will make it simple for you to get started with your short and long term goals. Print These worksheets out or save them to your desktop for future use. Modify them or use them as is. The most important part is to get into the habit of doing it daily and reviewing them daily/nightly. The review part is very important too. Revisiting and anchoring in ideas and thoughts help to turn thoughts and ideas into reality.

Here is to all of us having an abundant and exciting future.


Dr. Marcus Ettinger, DC

Example: My-Daily-Routine

Daily Battle Plan Work Sheet

Weekly Battle Plan Work Sheet

Monthly Battle Plan Work Sheet

2016 Yearly Battle Plan Work Sheet

2 Year Goals Work Sheet

Daily Journal Work-Sheet