Chiropractic Corrects The Effects Of Trauma As It Relates To Epigenetics

Why Chiropractic? Any trauma, including the chronic effects of gravity, to the spinal vertebrae or irritation to the spinal nerves or spinal cord can interfere with the flow of nerve transmission (information) from the brain to the cells and vice versa. This interference can lead to a miscommunication, a lack of communication or no communication, between the brain and cells. This alteration in communication (information) can lead to a misunderstanding in the corresponding cells, which can manifest as disease or at a minimum a malfunction of those cells. See: Epigenetics – Why Am I Sick, Why Am I Healthy

Chiropractic is far more than just a pain relief technique. I consider myself a body electrician. If there is a non-optimum condition going on in your body, anywhere and of any type, chances are the nervous system is involved. Drugs, potions, lotions or ignoring it will never fix the problem – ever. The best you can hope for is to cover up the symptoms. Masking the symptoms may make you can feel more comfortable, but in doing so the nervous system and corresponding cells will become more damaged and diseased. This process can lead to an increased need for medication or eventually the need for surgery.

The takeaway here is to think about chiropractic as one of your first treatment options. If red lights were flashing on the instrument panel in your car you wouldn’t keep driving it indefinitely without taking it in for diagnostic tests and repair – right? So, why would you ignore the flashing red lights of your body (pain, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive trouble…). Health is our most important commodity. Without health everything else doesn’t matter.    

My Story

“I was 9 years old when a severe migraine headache woke me from my sleep. The pain was excruciating. This would go on for 6 months until we found out about chiropractic. I had my first adjustment by Dr. Glad in La Habra (1973). After the very first adjustment, the migraine headaches disappeared. I became a chiropractor 12 years later have been practicing chiropractic for 28.5 years. I couldn’t even imagine my life without being able to receive chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis. There is no way we as humans, in the presence of gravity, can live our lives to its fullest potential without identifying and removing interference (pressure) from the nervous system. Yes, every one of us has it to some degree and through chiropractic, it can be located and removed. Removing interference from the nervous system (NS), through chiropractic, is one of the 5 therapies I recommend to support our epigenetics. The 5 epigenetic factors (remove NS interference, diet, sleep, exercise, thoughts/emotions/perceptions).” 

P.S. Exercise stimulates the release of telomerase, which can lengthen the telomeres, the protective tips of the DNA double helix. Longer telomeres = longer life and less disease. You do have control over your genes. Sleep, your thoughts, exercise, nutrition, targeted supplementation, and chiropractic are the simplest and least expensive methods to increase health, vitality, and longevity.

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Here’s an incredible 10 minute video documenting the amazing power of chiropractic.

Marcus Ettinger