December 02, 2020

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The precursor form of vitamin D – (25-Hydroxycalciferol – this is the most common form tested on blood labs)

The active form of vitamin D – (1, 25 Dihydroxycaldiferol [Calcitriol] – which is rarely tested for)
…”We were surprised to find that microbiome diversity—the variety of bacteria types in a person’s gut—was closely associated with active vitamin D, but not the precursor form,”…

Because they live in different regions of the U.S., the men in the study are exposed to differing amounts of sunlight, a source of vitamin D. As expected, men who lived in San Diego, California got the most sun, and they also had the most precursor form of vitamin D.

But the team unexpectedly found no correlations between where men lived and their levels of active vitamin D hormone.

“It seems like it doesn’t matter how much vitamin D you get through sunlight or supplementation, nor how much your body can store,” Kado said. “It matters how well your body is able to metabolize that into active vitamin D, and maybe that’s what clinical trials need to measure in order to get a more accurate picture of the vitamin’s role in health.”

Below is a more thorough sentence on the outcome of the study and what determines one’s health or disease predisposition or outcome.

In my opinion, The totality of all epigenetic factors* determines one’s health status, not the abundance of one (the Sun for instance) for the sake of others.
Physical Activity
Light Exposure (artificial light at night, Sun,…)
EMF Exposure (4G, 5G, WiFi…)
Alcohol Consumption
Environmental Pollutants
Psychological Stress (anxiety depression, love, gratitude…)
Working a Night Shift
Barometric Pressure
Interference on the Nervous System
And Many, Many Others.
Dr. Marcus Ettinger
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