December 12, 2020

1/4 of all the blood tests I get back show a vitamin D level below 20. Defy evolutionary biology (Naked, grounded to the Earth) or creation (Adam and Eve naked in the Garden of Eden), and disease or death is the result.

“This study shows how severe a problem this is,” Teitelbaum told Medscape Medical News. “A 3.7-fold increase in death rate if someone’s vitamin D level was below 20 [ng/mL] is staggering. It is arguably one of the most important risk factors to consider.”

Vitamin D Deficiency in COVID-19 Quadrupled Death Rate, by Becky McCall. December 11, 2020

Institute of Medicine says that levels of Vitamin D3 over 30 ng/mL increases risk of cancer, fracture, falls and cardiovascular disease

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