December 22, 2020 

I have been in arguments with some of my mentors and opinion leaders for at least 5 years now, proposing that epigenetics adaptations can overcome all adversity. The boogyman at the moment is 5G. My genetics may not be able to adapt to this new stress, but my daughter or at least her children may develop genetic adaptations to it and reduce or eliminate its harmful effects.

Evolution or God has created a biological entity with epigenetic modification potential within its makeup. Think of the time it took for bacteria to incorporate within cells that would become us, be accepted by the cells that would become us, and for those cells to be dependent upon it for survival from that moment on. That my friends is endosymbiosis – when a bacteria became our mitochondria and epigenetics at its finest. Just me thinking out loud.

“Humans can evolve to challenging conditions much more rapidly than previously thought.”

High-altitude living has changed more than just the genes of some Peruvians, By Freda Kreier – Human evolution is at work in the Andes mountains. The Quechua, an Indigenous people in Peru who have lived at altitudes above 2500 meters for at least the past 11,000 years, have evolved genetic adaptations to survive their harsh environment…

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