November 07, 2020

You only know what you know and that is based on your life experiences. My mom left when I was four, my dad is a 2x felon, I was raised as a latch key kid, I hold 2 advanced degrees and I am a sought-after medical consultant having treated people around the world for over 30 years.

In 1981 in La Habra, California I was a so-called punk rocker. Wasted Youth was one of my favorite bands along with Black Flag, Social Distortion, Fear, and many others. You can grow-up and live your life on vanilla or possibly as a victim, or you can grow up with each day as your hard-knock teacher, and favor Chocolate Malted Crunch.

You only know what you know. You are no better or worse for a lack of knowledge. Just don’t spout your so-called knowledge if you can’t actually back it up with an intelligent, coherent argument.