November 17, 2020

“Epigenetics control genetics. How you think is the biggest predictor of your current and future health status. Anger, shame, blame, regret, hate, and anxiety have no place in my life. No matter where the origin – strangers, patients, friends, family, or myself. Thoughts, emotions, and perceptions irrespective of light habits control mitochondrial function = health or disease. Anger, shame, blame, regret, hate, or anxiety in Cancun Mexico with a seafood buffet will create disease faster than love, gratitude, exhilaration, joy, and laughter in Nova Scotia with Taco Bell. Food for thought.” Dr. Marcus Ettinger


The 6 Best Videos Pulling Together Light, Water, Magnetism, and Gratitude

The truth is, health and disease are both easy to achieve. If you know a few simple techniques and truths, concerning Light, Water, Magnetism, and Gratitude, disease may never become an issue.

  1. Biology DOES NOT give a shit about your philosophy when you’re sick.
  2. You will NEVER get better in the same environment that made you sick.
  3. The Sun IS nature’s original and the most powerful vaccine against disease.
  4. Your environment actually controls your physiology to a greater degree than anything you will ever put into your mouth (medications, supplements, or food)…
  5. Disease is not a problem without a solution, but a puzzle that with patience and time can be solved.
  6. The totality of all epigenetic factors* determines one’s health status, not the abundance of one (the Sun for instance) for the sake of others. *(diet, obesity, physical activity, sleep, light exposure [artificial light at night, Sun], smoking, alcohol consumption, EMF [4G, 5G, WiFi…], environmental pollutants, psychological stress [anxiety, depression, love, gratitude…], working a night shift, barometric pressure, temperature, interference on the nervous system [concusion, scoliosis, surgery…], and many, many others.