Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Testimonials

This is a group of functional medicine testimonials as well as some chiropractic testimonials. These cover a variety of conditions and circumstances. Relevant words or phrases have been highlighted for quicker referencing.   

I’ve known and been a patient of Dr. Marcus Ettinger since 2004. He’s a very knowledgeable chiropractor and an amazing person. Truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients and go far and beyond anyone to make sure you’re getting well and staying well, a true healer and a friend. His knowledge of the human body and thirst in learning new information is amazing. I’m glad to call him my healthcare provider and friend.
Eric R.

I was introduced to Dr. Ettinger in 2010 by my girlfriend, and I have been a committed patient ever since. I originally started seeing Dr. Ettinger for skin tags. I struggled with skin tags for almost a year before seeing him. I kept getting them removed and they would just grow right back. Dr. Ettinger put me on an anti-virus supplement and they immediately stopped coming back. I have not had one since they left me three years ago. Dr. Ettinger is a one of a kind doctor. He treats all of his patients like family and does not recommend anything that you don’t test for. I have been seeing him for chiropractic and functional medicine care for the past three years. I am truly in the best shape of my life and I have more energy than ever before! I have altered my diet tremendously since seeing him; I’ve lost fat and gained strength since I started following his nutritional advice and my skin has never been clearer.

I would recommend Dr. E to anyone that’s experiencing physical pain or in need of a better and healthier lifestyle. He knows more about nutrition and the way the human body functions than any doctor I have ever met. He is also one of the most positive and honest individuals I know; you will always leave his office feeling positive and full of energy. He truly is a medical detective!

Thanks for everything Dr. E!
Michael P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ettinger for over a year now and so happy that I found him. I surfed from chronic migraines searching for help with the neurologist that wanted to put me on daily preventative medicine, perform harsh surgeries. I tried every medicine and treatment such as acupuncture. When I found Dr. Ettinger he knew what my problem was right off the bat and was able to treat me instantly. For the first time ever I was able to receive instant relief of my migraines and with his treatment and prevention. I can honestly say that with Dr. Ettinger’s treatment I have been cured of my long time chronic disorder!
Brandon V.

I have been to many chiropractors throughout the years, (from Fullerton to Newport Beach) and Marcus Ettinger is by far my favorite. I have scheduled visits with him for nutrition coaching and chiropractic care–he really knows his stuff! He is very knowledgeable in all areas of his work and patiently answers any questions too.

Most recently, I fell and bruised my tailbone and Dr. Ettinger quickly fit me into his schedule for an adjustment. I could barely walk into his office, but he was absolutely mindful of the bruised area and still managed a great adjustment. Dr. Ettinger has definitely earned my trust!
Anna S.

I have been seeing Dr. Ettinger for a while ( I actually can’t recall how many years but maybe since 2012) He is awesome at adjusting me and my NECK and BACK but has also helped me with other issues that I would have normally called my WESTERN Medicine doctor. I feel you need both sometimes but I have gone to him the last two times and he diagnosed me and got me on my way with some simple products (no antibiotics) but more holistic approach. The other thing I love about him is he doesn’t put you on all these products….I have been to others that have put me on so many products and have to spend tons of money. He has you take what you need…I love his approach and he is one smart cookie and explains in terms you can understand. Thank you Dr. E, you are well loved. Thank you for your knowledge and caring nature.
Cathy G.

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’re tired of the pain you’ve been in and have been to numerous doctors who can’t resolve the health problems you have. Like so many others, I had been struggling with a multitude of pain and symptoms (abdominal pain, GI distress on the daily, nausea, heart palpitations, insomnia to name a few) which made it hard to be happy and healthy in daily life. For the last 3 years especially, I’d been to specialists who could only provide expensive diagnostic tests and pills which never got rid of the pains and symptoms, or brought on different ones. It wasn’t until I found Marcus Ettinger’s reviews on Yelp that I felt that maybe; there could be someone who could help with my health troubles. I called Dr. Ettinger that same day and he was easy to talk to, he listened to my issues, and I was able to see him that same week!

It’s been 2 months since my first appointment with Dr. Ettinger and I’m compelled to write this review because my health issue is resolved! Marcus Ettinger is a wealth of knowledge who explains to you in easy to relate terms about your treatment, his love of helping people is evident in his practice, and he is effective. Taking that step to make that appointment and take responsibility for my health has changed my life completely for the better. I highly recommend Dr. Marcus Ettinger if you are looking for relief from your pain and symptoms.
Elizabeth L.

I went to Marcus Ettinger to be treated for H-Pylori. Prior to that, I was being treated by 2 GI’s (Gastroenterologists) who had told me that there is nothing more that they can do for me. I had taken 5 courses of antibiotics and that darn bacteria did not go away. I found Marcus through a chat forum for H-Pylori and when I contacted him, he gave me an appointment right away, the following day. What a relief!! I was at a loss after what the GI’s had told me. Marcus gave me the treatment and within 3 weeks, the bacteria was gone. My GI asked for the information on Marcus so that he can refer patients to him.

Marcus is the picture of health, great service; a few times, he went to the clinic just to see me. He is truly concerned for his patients and treats them as his number one priority. As I am writing this, I have tears in my eyes, when I went to him, I had no hope whatsoever of getting rid of H-Pylori… after what the GI’s had told me. His clinic/office is very clean and he is a generous and kind practitioner. He gives you only what you need and he has a vast knowledge about health and keeps up to date.

What a joy it is to be treated by Marcus Ettinger DC. I was just at his office, you come back feeling happy and elated… Of course, he knows his subject matter and he is up to date with his information.
Mashael M.

I began seeing Dr. Ettinger 2 years ago. A good friend of mine referred him to me as she has been attending his practice over 18 years now.

Originally I came to see him because of hip issues and my husband had serious back pain. Dr. Ettinger has helped us recover and is so wonderful at sharing extra tips and showing us how to stretch and prevent further issues.

He’s highly knowledgeable about diet and health. He gives great advice on eating right and it’s definitely helped to maintain weight. He seems to always have a solution for any new body changes. My husband and I see him monthly and are extremely pleased with him. We recommend him to anyone who needs an adjustment, helps with weight loss or wants to truly get healthy.

I first met Dr. Ettinger a year ago when the practitioner I usually see was not available. This was meant to be because I have since become the recipient of an excellent standard of holistic care.
The sharp stomach pains I had been experiencing for a week were 90% better by that evening and I was able to go to a concert.
Also, on later visits, he helped me to identify and treat the bacteria that were causing my sinus infections.
I appreciate how present and sincere he is and how I did not feel rushed, as I often do with other holistic chiropractors. Also, he is happy to explain the mechanisms behind what he is doing and is never condescending, always willing to teach and share as he goes.

Dr. E’s background in biochemistry and his decades of experience with being a medical detective combined with his patience and empathy to make him a first rate true holistic care provider.
Rebecca M.

I went in for a simple adjustment and got a LOT more for his time. He is into the complete person, the big picture. I’ve had 3 visits so far and cannot wait to learn and master my own wellness!
Morgan S.

It must be my intuition that lead me to pick Advanced Healing Center among all the other ones here on Yelp. What stood out to me was the word “healing”. I had another sciatica attack today and was in desperate search for a Chiropractor and of course, I had to go through the long list on Yelp. What I liked about Dr. Ettinger is his functional medicine approach to his treatment, he also takes the time to explain what he’s doing and why not only did he do Chiropractic adjustment but he also tested me for deficiency in minerals. I learned so much more about the root cause of the sciatica attack. I was very satisfied with my visit and I definitely feel a huge difference with just one visit, I noticed I have more energy and my back feels 90% better.
Debra A.

Dr. Ettinger has given me my health back! After so much trial and error with many naturopaths and self-diagnosing, I found relief with Dr. Ettinger. He has an amazing ability to understand what is happening to the body and how to correct it. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about having absolute health, vitality, and a true personal regimen.
Susie E.


Since I have been under the care of Dr. Ettinger, I have noticed a big health improvement where most of my chronic issues have disappeared. I’m on a once a month visit schedule and notice he does only minimal adjustments now because the cause of the chronic pains has been sourced. There was very specific nutrition support I needed, and now that I have followed his directions, I am reaping the benefits of a happier, calmer life. It’s like my life-long fight or flight issues have flown out the window. ~Thanks, Doc!
Pam S.

Hello, my name is Maria; Dr. Marcus Ettinger has been treating me since March 26, 2014. I’m a breast cancer survivor. Due to all the side effects from chemo, my body was not good. It’s been 7 months now since I started with Dr. Marcus and I can thank him enough! I’m feeling GREAT! I’m so happy that I found him, he is definitely the best!
Maria M.

Dr. Ettinger has been treating my daughter for over 3 months now for inflammatory bowel disease. Since May 2011 she has been through many hospitalizations, multiple surgeries and pharmacological treatment – none of which have helped her. Dr. Ettinger has a brilliant mind and is very knowledgeable in the areas of chiropractic, chronic diseases, nutrition, diet and holistic remedies. As soon as we met him, we knew we were in good hands. He has a BIG HEART! He is genuine, sincere and caring towards my daughter and me. We just wish we had found him sooner. I am very grateful to him for his help. On a side note, he is helping me with my chronic insomnia that has plagued me for 18 years. We look forward to our appointments with him and leave feeling positive and happy every time. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done and continues to do in our journey to wellness.
Elizabeth H.

I started seeing Dr. E in 2010 for high blood sugar. Within 3 months, my glucose level was down, along with my weight. My energy level was up.

Since then, he has helped me with high cortisol, which contributes to pain, hot flashes, high glucose levels and many other problems. He recommended a supplement as a blood thinner, and another for ligament health, which helped with hair loss as well.

Dr. E is a great listener. He has a vast knowledge of body chemistry. He has done extensive research in the field of natural remedies in place of drugs. I always felt great after a visit with him.

I have been a patient of Dr. Marcus Ettinger for a couple of decades. When I had growing boys I took them to see him–always with good results. I have referred many friends and associates and family to him with total confidence. Good health and healthy living practices are Dr. Ettinger’s passion and he is the perfect guy to get anyone on a healthy track and to repair situations that are a physical problem. He knows people and he knows bodies. It is a great combination and one that leads to success. I wholeheartedly endorse him and his practice.
Deborah D.

Dr. Ettinger is someone who is committed to helping you stay healthy, not lecturing you about all the stuff you’re not doing or should be doing. He takes the time to listen and to explain. It’s clear he wants to help you and has helped me for years. I would recommend him to everyone!
Michelle W.

Dr. Ettinger is, hands-down, the best chiropractor on this side of the Mississippi. No matter what my symptoms show when I go to see him, he always addresses the whole body. It’s very refreshing to have a doctor who treats the cause, not just puts a band-aid on the symptoms. As a certified massage therapist, I am so happy to have found Dr. Ettinger. When it comes to my health, I will search far and wide for the person that pays attention to detail (which he does) and has in-depth knowledge of all things body related (he always impresses me with his ability to explain how the body works and makes me really understand what is going on). So happy that the search is over and that Dr. Ettinger is an integral part of my overall health and wellness.
Kaitlynn C.

Dr. Ettinger is more than just a structural chiropractor. He is a functional medicine practitioner. Trained in several different techniques outside normal chiropractic. He interprets labs and has an extensive knowledge of western and eastern medicine as well as nutrition.
Dixie W.

I have been seeing Dr. E for a long time. His adjustments are spot on; he can tell exactly where you need to be adjusted without cracking your whole back. One time my jaw swelled up like a chipmunk, so I went to the dentist but the X-Rays turned out fine. Dr. E did a short exam and told me that I had an infection in my lymph nodes and gave me a supplement to take and within 3 days I was back to normal. What is significant about this is that the dizziness I had been experiencing also went away; I thought I was just getting old as I would drive very carefully. Regular Dr’s would probably have cost me a lot and multiple expensive tests with no results but within minutes he literally just figured it out. I also use to get these skin tags that after taking some supplements they started falling off on their own. My parents and I use to call him the Witch Doctor, LOL.
Betsy R.

Dr. Marcus Ettinger is the best chiropractor around Orange and offers exceptional care in a holistic approach. He has helped me with my intestinal issues and given me a treatment plan that no other doctor has offered me. I highly recommend Dr. Ettinger to anyone looking for an alternative way to treat their conditions. He is extremely knowledgeable on diet and exercise, and Dr. Ettinger is always doing research and expanding his knowledge on anything you could think of.
Alisa I.

I came to Dr. Ettinger after 1 year’s treatment with another chiropractor for a car accident. I wasn’t getting better. I also suffer from Epstein Barr, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, and Chronic Fatigue. Dr. Ettinger treated me with Chiropractic care, supplements, and healthy living advice. With his help, I have been able to rid myself of decades of chronic pain that had been further aggravated by the car accident. I feel decades younger than my years. I didn’t believe it was possible to feel this good ever again. I highly recommend Dr. Marcus Ettinger, B.Sc., D.C. for your health.

He has a wonderful caring spirit and light sense of humor, too.

I had been taking ADHD medication for over 10 years and wanted to get off them. Dr. Ettinger helped me do that. Between a balanced diet and exercise plan, I am pill free and feeling better than ever.
Andrew H.

I have been coming to Dr. Marcus Ettinger for over 18 years now! I originally came to him from a recommendation from another friend who had seen him. I was suffering from terrible migraine headaches and had gone to my regular doctor and was having no luck finding any relief. At first, I was hesitant to check out someone new but once I met Marcus and listened to him explain how things work in our bodies, I figured I’d give him a shot. After an adjustment, some dietary changes and added supplements, I was no longer experiencing the debilitating migraines. I then asked him about my stomach issues and he got me on track with that too. I have always been so pleased with Marcus that I trusted him 100% in helping me through my pregnancy, keeping me comfortable and having a quick, natural delivery with his adjustments and supplements. He is my go-to guy with any health issues or just to keep me on track. Easy to talk too and always full of information. You can tell he has a passion for good health and want his patients to have it too!
Lisa G.

I was treated by Dr. Ettinger for H. pylori and within two to three weeks it was gone. The treatment included several supplements which was much better than taking the high dose of antibiotics that are normally prescribed for this bacteria. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of holistic health and is genuinely interested in helping his patients.
Nancy M.

Best chiropractic doc around….extremely knowledgeable. Doc Ettinger is excellent when it comes to his adjustments.
Alex R.

I saw Dr. Ettinger about 5 times over a period of 6 months and he helped me to get rid of a nasty bacteria called H. Pylori. I was fighting my stomach problems for about 4 years, before I found Dr. Ettinger, doing online research.

The first contact with Dr. E. was over the phone. He called me right back after I left him a message. That’s how everything started. I live in LA, his office is in Orange. To stay out of heavy traffic, I would leave Saturday morning early to go to my appointments. Dr. Ettinger has always been kind and patient, even when I was late.

After all those years I can finally eat and drink whatever I like. I am so happy, I have my life back. I highly recommend Dr. Ettinger, his knowledge is amazing and he really loves what he is doing. He has given me my life back. I will always be thankful for it.
Thank you, Dr. Ettinger.

(I have consulted different health professionals, did research for hours and spend tons of money to cure myself. H. pylori is a nasty bacteria and many people are still not cured after many rounds of antibiotics.)
Precious B.

Dr. Ettinger is professional, accommodating and knowledgeable. I have been seeing him for over 16 years, for back pain, fatigue, and heart health concerns. His treatments are painless and extremely effective. The office is clean and the atmosphere relaxing. I found Advanced Healing Center to be a very positive experience overall.
Ed F.

I found Dr. Ettinger, through a family member who recommended him to me. I have been a patient of his for almost 3 years and he is AMAZING. I have back issues and used to have gallbladder attacks on a monthly basis. Since he is a functional medicine doctor as well, and I did not want surgery to remove the gallstones, I quickly went to him. I have not had 1 attack since. Not to mention, my back feels like new. He is very passionate about his work, and loves helping people feel their best!
Melissa D.

I was referred to Dr. Ettinger by a friend after my daughter struggled with Ulcerative Colitis. At 13 she had lost 25% of her body weight, weighed only 69 pounds and was homebound, homeschooling and very poor quality of life due to the illness. Her traditional GI was pushing for Immunosuppressive drugs but after reading about all the risks and side effects, I couldn’t do it unless it was a last resort. After working with Dr. Ettinger, and his knowledge about the body, what causes certain conditions, and how to heal the body naturally with diet and nutritional supplements, she is now back in school, playing sports, actively involved at church, back to healthy weight and living her life again. Dr. Ettinger is caring and authentic. He truly cares about his patients and is dedicated to helping them get well. He has been very flexible and I have no problems getting appointments when I need them.
Renee C.

I have known Dr. Marcus Ettinger for many years over that period of time he has been an expert Chiropractor for my family and I. My son and grandson have seen him over the years several times. He is always very precise with his adjustments. His knowledge of the human body and biology is exemplary. He has a unique technique that allows him to really tune into your body to find the cause of your problem. He listens carefully giving you his full attention.

Dr. Ettinger has helped me tremendously with some recent health issues. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of nutrition. He helps you to get what you truly need and does not load you up with things you do not need. I really don’t know what I would have done without him, he has been a lifesaver! Thank you, Dr. Ettinger 🙂

He is the best support system to help you be all you can be. I had gained some weight over the years and he advised me on how to change my diet to lose the excess weight. I lost 25 lbs easily over 2 years ago and still have been able to keep those pounds off.

He is the kind of doctor that looks you in the eyes and gives you a big smile, that’s a big plus! You won’t be sorry in choosing Dr. Ettinger for you and your families health needs!
Diane T.

I was misdiagnosed for two years. Finally found what I had on Dr. Ettinger’s website. I was very ill at this point and would go as far as saying he saved my life. He also helped me with protocol and health advice to get over the bacterial infection. Most doctors/specialists do not deal with bacteria, especially at the level Dr. E does. I have never run across any physician/ naturopath etc that knows as much about bacteria/virus and protocols. Thank you, Dr. E!!!
Gail M.

Dr. Ettinger is a life saver. I had been to every type of doctor for a Helicobacter Pylori infection. No one was able to help me out. I had no hope of getting any better, but Dr. Ettinger pulled me out of the abyss and I am able to work now and have somewhat of a normal life. I’m still working with him and every time I see him I feel better. He is very knowledgeable and very caring. I recommend him to anyone I know that is suffering from any illness. If you have a chance to see him, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with him.
Jon C.

Dr. E has treated our entire extended family at one time or another. He not only treats the symptoms or problems but takes the time to get to the root of the issue. I highly recommend him for your of you health needs. He is the BEST!!
Dana B.

Dr. Ettinger has been my chiropractor for over 20 years. He has also been adjusting my sons since they were babies. He is very knowledgeable in holistic medicine and nutrition. At one point I developed horrible neck and upper back pain on my left side which he figured out was due to a root canal done incorrectly. I referred one good friend whose MD gave no hope for her condition in which Dr. Ettinger handled in about six months, another example of what a great Doc he is. I look forward to my appointments knowing I’ll come out feeling renewed.
Ari P.

Dr. Ettinger is amazing. I started going to him after I saw how he helped my daughter get out of pain without pain medication. I am in my 70’s and have fibromyalgia. He studied my body type giving me supplements that have made it possible for me to become more active.

I have never had a doctor listen and study my problem to this extent. He is the main reason I am now more active. When anyone asks for a referral, Dr. Ettinger is who I recommend.

I have found Dr. Ettinger’s help indispensable! My son is chronically sick with Lyme and I juggle many different docs as we try to take him out of an acute state of pain. He’s been the voice of reason for us and helps to weed out the superfluous recommendations and stick with the necessary supplements. I’ve found our calls to be educational for me, and I head back to our many doctors very aware of the situations I had not understood prior.

He knows so much about the body’s various systems–and from a holistic and functional medicine standpoint, I think I am educating the docs now through his help! Conventional medicine just does not take the “whole body” into account–I only feel safe seeing a conventional doc when I can get feedback from Dr. E after.

I found him online (he had the best information–and I’ve spent A LOT of time searching for smart people), and we’ve spoken many, many times over the past nine months. I just wish I were closer!! I know there is a lot he could do in his office to help too….a trip may be coming! Thanks, Doc!
Leslie C.