8a Human Optimization - Mitochondria Heteroplasmy and Redox Potential


The image above is a screenshot from module #8a Human Optimization – Mitochondria Heteroplasmy And Redox Potential. This is one of 10 individual modules I have posted so far along with a ton of supporting data and hours of live Zoom sessions. If you would like to be part of this please consider joining. This helps to support my research while giving you the tools, in a simple form, needed to overcome the changing world we live in. Patreon/DrMarcusEttinger 

I have been a chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, and 21st-century medical detective since 1989. I also hold a degree in human biology with a niche in human physiology and biochemistry. Mitochondria, evolutionary biology, and quantum biology present focus.

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Dear Patreon Guests,

The truth is, health and disease are both easy to achieve. If you know a few simple techniques and truths, concerning Light, Water, Magnetism, and Gratitude, disease may never become an issue. Equally, a disease is easier to reverse.

1. Biology DOES NOT give a shit about your philosophy when you’re sick.
2. Your environment actually controls your physiology to a greater degree than what you put into your mouth (medications, supplements, or food)…
3. You will NEVER get better in the same environment that made you sick.
4. The Sun IS nature’s original and the most powerful vaccine against disease.
5. Disease is not a problem without a solution, but a puzzle that with patience and time can be solved.
6. The totality of all epigenetic factors* determines one’s health status, not the abundance of one (the Sun for instance) for the sake of others. *Diet, exercise, sleep, physical activity, artificial light at night (ALAN), smoking, alcohol/drugs, EMF, toxins/mold, mental health, interference on the nervous system, and many, many others.

When I go over with a patient their protocol, designed to regain back their health, 95% say, ‘that’s way too simple. How can that possibly work? How come I’ve never heard of that before?…’

Why? It’s simply because most people live in and by the truths that are only taught in the ‘Matrix’. A world filled with falsehoods, half-truths, outright lies, and false prophets (food gurus, blogs, awareness groups, media, AMA, Big Pharma, FDA, EPA, and FCC – If you don’t believe what you hear is controlled, watch this. FCC and WHO in the pocket of corporations.

The truth is LIGHT, WATER, MAGNETISM, and GRATEFULNESS have been here since time immemorial. These four influences have literally shaped human existence and all that surrounds us. So logically, why would it be so hard to believe that the avoidance or alteration of these four influences could cause disease or that by harnessing them, health could be created or restored?

I have spent 1 to 2+ hours, most days, over the last 32+ years trolling PubMed, YouTube, blogs, books, podcasts, and seminars. Education, Knowledge, and Wisdom are important to me. It’s my drug and I can’t get enough of it.

In my Patreon group, I will share with you what I’ve learned over 30+ years of research and treating patients. I will have live Zoom sessions, access to my Discord page, and new content will be updated regularly.

I want you to have resources that offer a deeper dive into the concepts I value and utilize for achieving human optimization. If you understand nature and your thoughts better, it will be easier for you to be the CEO of your health and destiny.

Thank you for considering my Patreon group.