Do you want to become a better human?

I have created a paid Patreon group ($12/mo). It will focus on HUMAN OPTIMIZATION (light, water, magnetism, gratitude, exercise, diet, sleep, games, stoicism, and more). What you get: All of my new blogs, in-depth content (uncensored, protocols…), and monthly live Q&A* (ask me anything plus I’ll share the latest news and research I’m focusing on).

A new patient office visit will cost you $350 and a follow-up visit will cost $176. For just $6.00/month you will have access to all of the data I would share with my patients during their initial and follow-up visits. Here though, it will be available to you anytime, anywhere. Plus, you will get a live monthly Zoom Q&A.

I can promise you that if you use the data I will be uploading monthly, you will become a better human.

*If you are not an active patient I can’t give you a specific protocol as it would be malpractice. I would need labs and consultation in order to do that. I can help you with the direction you need to go.