Low Back and Hip Stiffness for 20 Years – Orange, CA Chiropractor Helps

Dear Doctor Ettinger,

After many, many, many years since childhood, I was never able to sit cross-legged.  One evening recently, after an evening adjustment by Dr. Ettinger, I went to my yoga class.  This was only my fourth session in yoga so I am a beginner. The class started and I watched two women with envy as they sat with their legs crossed.  I thought Okay, I am going to try this – viola!!  I sat there in disbelief, looking at myself – is this me?  I never felt better!

So proud of myself I called Dr. Ettinger the next day to tell him my success.  With his good work and yoga, I am starting to feel great again!


Gail MacDonald.
Nuclear Medicine Technician
Long Beach, CA