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Four Important Facts Everyone Should Know about Weight-Loss:

1. “Maintaining your ideal weight over a life-time reduces your risk for developing degenerative conditions such as, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Maintaining your ideal weight will also lower your risk for having a stroke and pre-mature death. Best of all, maintaining your ideal weight will improve the quality of your sleep, love life and energy level!”

2. “Fad diets don’t work because people will only follow them for a limited time, before trying a new one.”

3. “There IS NO magic bullet when it comes to dieting and weight-loss.”

4. “Weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight boils down to just three main components: education, proper dietary choices and routine physical activity.”

Orange County, CA: My goal in weight-loss and weight-management is to educate or re-educate my patients in the use of proper dietary habits, label reading, menu planning and physical exercise. Weight-loss and weight-management IS NOT DIFFICULT, and the formula for healthy weight-loss is almost identical for everyone, though my greatest successes have occurred when I get the whole family involved in the weight-loss process. I can and will help you lose all the weight you want, and I will help you keep it off. Through education, I will help you learn good eating and exercise habits – that will last a lifetime.

All weight-loss programs are tailored to an individual patients needs, based on: blood tests results, initial Body Mass Index (BMI)* weight-loss goals, physical limitations and time-frame. All weight-loss programs are designed to be easy to follow and become part of your healthy lifestyle. This is not just a weight-loss diet plan, it’s really a way of healthy living. My patients not only lose all the weight they want, they keep it off too. This is truly Sustained, Permanent and Long-Term Weight-Loss.

Developed in Australia and perfected in America. Here is my most successful and effective weight-loss program offered anywhere: The UltraLite Program. You can follow my personal journey on the UltraLite Program – here. As of this writing, I have successfully completed over 100 patients on the UltraLite program. This particular program also works to help normalize high blood pressure, high cholesterol and reverse pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Please feel free to contact me at uliteoc@hotmail.com or call me at 714-639-4360 with any questions.


Dr. Marcus Ettinger

*Find out what your (BMI) is HERE. Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women

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