Natural Allergy Treatment – Orange, CA – Off Zyrtec

We all know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, unfortunately, neither was it restored.With that in mind, in December 2007, I began what I envisioned would be the long and arduous task of “rebuilding” my health. With a long list of pains, symptoms – and prescriptions – I began to see Dr. Marah Cannon.

Dr. Cannon identified a list of infections and imbalances so long I was convinced it would take years, not months, to overcome.

I was wrong.

Within weeks I was “feeling” better. Within 4 – 6 weeks, analysis was proving my feelings justified.

By April, when I began working with Dr. Marcus Ettinger, I was determined to start eliminating prescription medication.  Zyrtec along with others – I’d been taking for 10 or more years, and I began eliminating them with increasingly “good health”! Today, I am blessedly, medication, side-effect free.

I’ve more energy and endurance, and my ‘normal’ awake/sleep requirements and habits have been restored; I start the day refreshed and energized, and times than not, I feel like my “old self”. My symptoms have nearly all disappeared. And when they revisit, I now understand why, and what I need to do: A monumental step in taking control of one’s own health.

Am I satisfied with results to date, absolutely! Do I have confidence in Dr. Ettinger’s approach to eliminating vs. ‘treating’ health problems, unconditionally!

In fact, Dr. Ettinger sees my pre-teen daughter. (A testament in-and-of-itself; I’ve been described as “fierce” where my daughter is concerned!) Our goal for her: Good nutrition, and good health – for life.

My goal? I’m still rebuilding – and studying Italian; I plan on visiting Rome soon.


C. Henderson
Orange Co., CA