H. pylori Treatment Testimonial – 03/2018

This is just a short thank you note to Dr. Marcus Ettinger who has developed a robust protocol for H. pylori Treatment based on years of experience and extensive knowledge about this bacteria. I am not sure what would have happened to me if God did not connect me to him rather miraculously. I had a chronic and hopeless case of H. pylori infection. To give a context, the pathology report read “numerous H. pylori” after I had failed the triple antibiotics treatment 3 times and the bacteria had become so resistant and virulent that the only food my body could tolerate was Broccoli. I prayed to God and while aggressively doing research online about this deadly bug in my desperate state, I stumbled on Dr. Ettinger’s articles. The more I read them, the more I realized how un-informed most medical doctors are about this bacteria. (Helicobacter creates immune system blind spot)

I live in Canada so I called Dr. Ettinger over the phone and registered for the Distance Client Program. After asking multiple questions, and thoroughly reviewing my medical records and results, I could feel a genuine concern in his voice especially considering for how long I had carried the bacteria and failed previous treatments. He designed a very comprehensive and aggressive protocol for me and encouraged me to try to complete it. It was easily the toughest 4 weeks of my entire life (October 2017). I am glad to say the protocol completely eradicated this nasty bug as confirmed by two Breadth tests in December 2017 and February 2018 as well as an Endoscopy in March 2018. Needless to say, my food sensitives have greatly improved. Now together with Dr. Ettinger, we are working to gradually heal my stomach lining and which has been battered by this bacteria, and also cure GERD that started as a result of the infection.

I sincerely hope this message gives a ray of hope to anyone who might be in a similar situation. Please when dealing with this bacteria, it is best to seek help from a trusted and dependable source. Do not self-treat or limit yourself to these “triple therapy antibiotics” doctors. They mostly load patients with antibiotics over and over again without even trying to get to the root cause of the issues. It’s best to get the treatment right once and for all so as not to live in pain and suffer needlessly. Once again, thanks, Dr. Ettinger.

Have a great week.



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