Natural Prostate and Kindey Infection Treatment – Orange, CA

Dear Dr. Ettinger,

I am writing this letter to thank you for saving my life; it’s a letter to you any your clients.As you know, in December of this year I came down with a prostate infection. So to cure this I went to my usual urologist for my treatment. I have done this often in the past. Now they have a new way to solve the problem. The old way was to place you on ten days of antibiotics, done deal. Well, now they place you on thirty days of antibiotics, which I feel is over-kill. So here’s what happened, twenty days in the program my immune system failed. I developed a kidney infection that was worse than the original prostate infection, and now I had to deal with both.

I came to you and with you expertise you solved my problem. I went on same natural products and followed your program which was totally sane. My system got stronger and both the kidneys and prostate are handled. Yes, your program is a little longer than the MD’s but your program solved the underlying problem and didn’t just treat my symptoms.

Your friend,

Fred V.
San Clemente, CA