Here are 9 simple steps anyone can take right now to greatly reduce their risk for developing cancer. If you presently have, or know of someone who has cancer; these are mandatory steps that should be taken, right now – especially if on chemotherapy or receiving radiation therapy.

  1. Eliminate – sugar and any artificial sweetener (aspartame).
  2. Eliminate – “table salt” has a chemical additive, is man-made (heated and processed), and is devoid of its complementary trace minerals. Sea salt should not be used either.
  3. Eliminate – milk and dairy products produce mucus, cancer feeds on mucus.
  4. Eliminate – coffee, black tea, chocolate and alcohol.
  5. Eliminate – microwave cooking, plastic containers, water bottles, and saran wrap. Heating or freezing in plastic releases dioxin chemicals which is cancer causing.
  6. Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment (pH below 7.0). A meat based diet is acidic. Beef and pork also contain livestock antibiotics, growth hormones and parasites.
  7. A diet made of 80% fresh vegetables and juice, seeds, nuts and a little fruit, helps put the body back into an alkaline state (pH above 7.0). Fresh raw vegetables provide live enzymes. These enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 100 degrees F.
  8. Add supplements to build up the immune system (vitamins & minerals). Consult a knowledgeable, holistic practitioner to help you design a personalized program.
  9. Daily exercise and deep breathing exercises are extremely important. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.

Note: An alkaline body (pH above 7.0, preferably above or at 7.2) holds more oxygen within its cells than an acidic body.

Marcus Ettinger

Medical Detective & Digestion Coach at Advanced Healing Center of Orange
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