Nutritional Supplementation – A New Era

A REMINDER: Your current level of health and wellbeing, whether youthful and vibrant or lackluster and failing IS under your control. Your health status is not controlled by, or the responsibility of, the medical profession. You HAVE control over your level of personal health education, practitioner choice, whether to take or not to take medication, to exercise or not, to eat well or not… Below is an introduction to a realm that those within the medical system will not be made aware of by their practitioners. Even those into natural health may not even be aware of this new direction that natural therapy is moving.


We have entered a new era of, “targeted nutritional supplementation.” An era where nutritional supplements can actually replace many genres of pharmaceuticals, i.e, blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure,  irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), headaches, anemias, mental health, and others. We are now seeing ingredient delivery methods that were once within the sole domain of Big Pharma, now crossing over to the nutritional supplement industry. We are also experiencing a renaissance in the category of probiotics, with patented single strains. My prediction is that this will be a standard within natural disease care over the next few years. Add to this, unique nutrient isolates and concentrated herbal extracts, and we have advancements that are light years ahead of what was available just 10 years ago.

To be fair, pharmaceuticals are still king for most acute health challenges, where a quick intervention is needed. This is also the case with extreme health challenges, where a drug acts as a supportive crutch until the body can regain control. In both instances, targeted nutritional supplements should be utilized to help support the body and its innate healing ability. Once the fire has died down and the health challenge is stabilized, mother nature, with the help of science and man, is the safer and more appropriate option. This is especially true where there will be long-term intervention.


As always, I’m here for you! I do wish more of you would take advantage of what I have to offer. I would love to take all of you with me on my life-long adventure. It’s a diligent journey to maintain a youthful and vibrant level of energy, libido, weight, physique, and mental state. If you know me you know I’m serious about this. I’m almost 53 and if you feel up to it, you are invited to test me or be tested. Come hang out with me on any Sunday for a morning of physical activity, followed by an afternoon of fun – both may push your limits (714-639-4360).

It absolutely boils down to this: The ONLY factor that has created you, in your present form and mental state, is how you have responded to EVERYTHING up to this point in your life. Believe me or don’t believe me. How you respond to life, from this moment forward, will determine whether you progress or regress throughout the rest of your life. Which way do you want to go? The beautiful truth to this is that you are in control of you; no one else is.

As a health coach, I can lead to the water, but it’s up to you to drink. 28 years in practice says 80+% of you won’t drink. Does knowing this fact have an effect or impact on you?

I’m not here to judge, criticize or critique, and I know I’m a broken record when it comes to this topic. I will love you no matter what, for as long as I’m in practice. That said, let’s keep it real. I don’t want you to become a statistic. Be the badass rock star, or athlete or skateboarder or whatever you may have been and still are, but it’s buried underneath a lifetime of responses and choices that may not have been in your best interests.

P.S. Some of the time I may come off a little harsh, but everything I put out is out of love. I truly want the very best for all of you.


Dr. Marcus Ettinger, DC

Here are a few highlights of the many new products available:

Omega MonoPure 1300 EC by Xymogen

This is an Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) fish oil supplement) utilizing the patented, MaxSimil delivery platform, which enhances the absorption of lipid-based and lipid-soluble nutraceuticals. This product is 3x (300%) more absorbable than an equivalent about of standard fish oil (Udo’s, Carlson’s, Now…)*

Study highlights* – Lowered triglycerides from Avg. 241 to 149, LDL’s 153 to 105, reduced oxidized LDL’s (very bad guys!) from 84 to 50 – healthy range is below 60.

Omega MonoPure Formulas

ProtoDophilus Woman by Protocol For Life Balance

These patented strains of probiotic help to support vaginal health as well as GI and immune function. In a clinical study, both L. acidophilus La-14 and L. rhamnosus HN001 were able to colonize the vaginal mucosa after oral administration. This formula is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.*

Xcellent E™

Vitamin E, in its natural form, comprises eight different compounds: alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherols and alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocotrienols. Both tocopherols and tocotrienols are important to human health.

This product features EVNol SupraBio™ full-spectrum palm tocopherol/tocotrienol complex. EVNol SupraBio’s patented bio-enhancing technology has been shown to increase tocotrienol absorption rates in humans by an average of 250%. Tocotrienols confer unique health benefits not provided by tocopherols. This means Xcellent E not only enables superior  absorption but also provides more comprehensive vitamin E benefits than tocopherol-only formulas.*

  • Offers Antioxidant Protection for Cell Membranes and Lipids*
  • Supports Neuroprotection and Cognitive Health – (brain)*
  • Supports Cardiovascular (heart), Nervous, and Reproductive Systems*
  • Supports Liver Health*

Xcellent E™ Bio-Enhanced Tocopherol/Tocotrienol Complex

Other targeted nutraceuticals:

Product            Supports*

Pylopass          Pylopass Eliminates H. pylori with Confidence
AlaMax CR       Diabetes (natural analog to Metformin or Glucophage)
Lauricidin        Herpes

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.