On Vacation with a Terrible Headache

To Dr. Ettinger,

“Thank you so much for treating me while I was in California. I haven’t taken any pills (pain medication) since I last saw you, and haven’t had a headache.

I have gone to my chiropractor for nine years and thought he was great. But after seeing you, I think he has a lot to learn. The combination of your chiropractic skills and your interest in holistic medicine are terrific.”

Thanks again,

Lord Seaton Road
Willowdale, Ontario
Canada M2P1K9

Dr. Ettinger’s comment: I became a chiropractor due to a wonderful doctor of chiropractic, who adjusted my upper cervical spine, and fixed the WHY, causing my terrible migraine headaches. The combination of specific chiropractic adjustments and natural medicine, specifically correcting any irritation of issue with the gastrointestinal tract and balancing-out the electrolytes, can help about 80% of all those experiencing, ‘terrible headaches’, like mine and M.T.’s. The majority of people today, due to not eating enough fruits and vegetables, combined with consuming caffeine and large quantities of water, are creating a deficiency in calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. This can affect the nervous, musculoskeletal, digestive and cardiovascular systems. By simply adding back in more fruits and vegetables; even juicing fresh carrots, celery, cucumber and spinach; a person can balance-out their electrolytes. Most of the time supplements aren’t even needed. I tell my patients often, “if everyone ate right, slept well and exercised, I’d be out of a job.” If we treat ourselves better, we will reap the rewards of increased energy, vitality and improved health.