O’Neil Relocation / United Van Lines of Garden Grove Destroyed My Furniture

10/21/2011 (Yelp Post) Please do not use this company! My name is Dr. Marcus Ettinger and I had the misfortune of using this company to move me from a rental home to our new residence. Not only did the crew claim more hours than they actually put in, they effected almost all of our furniture in a negative way. Our Kenmore Elite dryer (top caved-in), speaker fabric on our 56″ TV (shredded), patio Sunbrella furniture fabric (torn), Mattress (torn), Brushed stainless front to our refrigerator (scratched), $1000 french art picture frame (major scratch)….

I talked with multiple parties, including the new VP – No call back – no apologies – no handling. Not only was the crew not trained, O’ Neil didn’t even seam to give a shit.

bottom-line: if you want to take a chance with the health of your personal possessions, than go right ahead and use O’Neil. On the other hand, if you value what you own – use someone else or take out full replacement value insurance.

Personally, I feel these guys don’t give a shit about me or you. bottom line is they just want money and to get a job done as fast as humanly possible.

If you want to talk with me personally about the nightmare I went through with O’ Neil Relocation, please feel free to call me at 714-639-4360

Dr. Marcus Ettinger

Comment from Dennis A. of O’ Neil Relocation-United Van Lines Agent 11/18/2011

Was this before or after we paid your claim and you cancelled your credit card defrauding us of the payment for your move?

My Response Back 11/18/2011


Your payment in which you are talking about was on a per pound rate. This is a standard contract rate. I have paper work that shows I was never offered any insurance coverage and the woman who came to our house never went over any options with us. I cashed the check and then filed a claim with AmEx. AmEx automatically credits back my account while an investigation is under way. I have sent them photographs and all supporting documents. It is in their hand now. I did not cancel my card, I am doing this according to AmEx policy.

Why don’t you come over to my house and see the damage your movers caused. I also put my phone number on my post, so if you have something on your mind you should just call – rather than LIE about what I’m doing.

The funny thing here is that O’Neil Relocation got paid, well, to move me and delivered such a shameful product that it confounds me that you are even commenting here. If it were my business, I would have done everything in my power to make it right. Nothing more the SOP was done. So sad because now you have a pissed off customer.

PS. Since you have given me a hard time on this, I’m going to post all of my damage pictures to my blog. It will be something like this –http://www.advancedhea…

I will post all the pics over the next few days. Hmmm, I wonder if it will get any hits?

PPS. I also sent an e-mail, describing the whole situation, to your three top execs: George Hersh, Owner – President@oneilrelocation.com, Rob Sowinski, Executive Vice President – VicePresident@oneilrelocation.com and Bud Potter, Quality Assurance – QualityAssurance@oneilrelocation.com. Do you think I got a reply back from any of them? That would be a BIG FAT NO!

I await with baited breath for your retort.

Here are some pictures of the damage caused by O’Neil Relocation / United Van Lines of Garden Grove.

Dragging our mattress across the flow and burning holes in our fitted sheet


Dragging our bed frame across the wall (3′ scratch – needed repainting)


7″ long scratch on my $1000 French art poster frame (6’x4′ frame)


More to come! Including my e-mails sent to corporate minutes after the move was completed.

From: Dr. Marcus Ettinger mailto:info@advancedhealing.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2011 6:14 PM
To: ‘audrey copeland’
Subject: RE: Ettinger 10538-1 revised 7/30 Your United Van Lines Quote

Message sent: 30 July 2011 (6:13pm)
Move time 8:15am-2:30pm


Please give me a call on Monday when you get in. We had some problems w/this crew and would like to discuss w/you. They were very carless and I would not recommend sending them out to move any of your other clients. This is our third move w/you and the last two went flawlessly. This one was not good! I will go over the details and the damage report Monday.
This is an assumption here but were these guys subcontracted? The last two crews were so professional, SPOKE ENGLISH, and had a high degree responsibility. I can’t say this for the crew that moved us today.
I am bummed that I have to do this but I can’t let this happen to another of your loyal customers.

Dr. Ettinger

Marcus Ettinger

Medical Detective & Digestion Coach at Advanced Healing Center of Orange
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