Orange Chiropractic Referral From Dr. T. Neenan

To the friends and patients of Dr. Ettinger:

My name is Dr. T. Neenan.  I practice chiropractic in Orange, California and have previously served as a clinician at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where I supervised interns at the Whittier, CA clinic.  I chose this profession because I know how dynamic and effective this healing art is.While a senior in high school, I was diagnosed as having severe scoliosis.  I was recommended surgery to have steel rods placed along my spine.  I saw a chiropractor instead and avoided the unnecessary surgery.  I have been leading a normal, active life ever since.  To avoid pain, stiffness and the progression of the scoliosis, my spine requires maintenance adjustments.  I chose Dr. Ettinger for these adjustments.  As clinician at L.A.C.C., I was adjusted by hundreds of interns and licensed chiropractors.  Dr. Ettinger’s skill at adjusting is amongst the best I had, and I prefer his adjustments to any other chiropractor.

In addition, his extensive knowledge of nutrition and the immune system places you, as the patient, in a unique position to realize your body’s full potential, for health and well-being

You are in expert and caring hands.

Best Health,

Dr. T. Neenan

“A Chiropractor is more than just a ‘back-pain’ doctor.  A chiropractor is a body electrician, a body mechanic and a body architect.  Waiting until the point where you’re in pain to see a chiropractor is analogous to never putting oil in your car until the engine seizes.  You get your oil checked regularly, why not get the most important thing you have, your body, checked regularly.  Replacing an engine is expensive, but at least its doable.  Replacing your body on the other hand is impossible.” Dr. Marcus Ettinger