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plus weight-training for the relief of low back pain


A study just completed at the University of Alberta and presented at the American College of Sports Medicine determined that, “weightlifting enhanced the quality of life for low back-pain patients by as much as 28%.”  Also, the quality of life, defined as general physical and mental well-being, rose by as much as 28%.

Did You Know?

  • About 80% of North Americans suffer from lower back pain.
  • 67% of Americans over the age of 21 are overweight, and 45% of them are satisfied with their body weight.
  • Estimates are that by the year 2030, 86% of Americans over the age of 21 will be overweight.
  • Nearly half of Americans feel better on the days when they exercise.
  • Nearly 1 in 10 Americans are aware the USDA recommends 30 minutes of physical activity.

Below are my observations about the study cited above, based on my 26 plus years of treating low back pain and over 35 years training with weights:

“Strengthening only one part of the body will not cut it.  Strengthening every muscle group of the body including the so-called ‘core muscles’ is by far the best way to stabilize the spinal column, as well as prevent injury to our muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Anyone with neck or low back pain should consult a doctor of chiropractic or sports physician before proceeding with an exercise program.  Pain and dysfunction can come from many sources and an evaluation beforehand will help to determine if an exercise program is right for you.  Only a doctor of chiropractic is specifically trained in these areas and is the most knowledgeable type of doctor to make this determination.” Dr. Marcus Ettinger

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