Q&A – Osteoporosis:

“I Had a bone density scan & my results showed I have osteoporosis. Now my doctor now wants me to take 1200mg calcium,1000 IU’s of vitamin D every day, plus Alendro once weekly tablets 70mg. I’m guessing these aren’t good? Apparently, they can cause reflux & gastro upset. I’m 62 and my doctor said it’s because of menopause. I try to get at least an hour of sun every day, in the morning, with about half-naked. Help!”

Picture this. You have been living on the Earth for the past 62 years and you were just diagnosed with osteoporosis. A letter comes in the mail inviting you to live for a year aboard the international space station. You accept. Now aboard the ISS, you decide to handle your bone loss with a comprehensive osteoporosis treatment protocol. You do your research and begin to take a dump truck load of natural products such as calcium hydroxyapatite, vitamin D2, K2, boron, magnesium, and silica. You sit in front of a UVB lap daily to make a bunch of vitamin D. You get your estrogen levels dialed-in. You even take one of the osteoporosis medications like Boniva, Alendro, or Fosamax. You did all of this and your next bone density scan shows your osteoporosis has WORSENED, at an accelerated rate. Why?

“Wolff’s law was not applied. Wolff’s states that bone density changes in response to changes in the functional forces on the bone. Dr. Julius Wolff (1836–1902) proposed that changes in the form and function of bones, or changes in function alone, are followed by changes in the internal structure and shape of the bone in accordance with mathematical laws. Thus, in mature bone where the general form is established, the bone elements place or displace themselves, and decrease or increase their mass, in response to the mechanical demands imposed on them. The theory is supported by the observation that bones atrophy when they are not mechanically stressed and hypertrophy when they are stressed. Although Wolff’s proposal relates specifically to bone, the law has also been applied to other connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons.”

So, all the supplements, UVB, dairy, medications in the world did not help your osteoporosis while aboard the ISS. Why? Because there is no gravity! There is no need for a skeletal system. It’s the same on Earth. Sit or lay more than you are weight-bearing and the femoral head and spine will develop osteoporosis, no matter the chemical intervention. The correct osteoporosis treatment: Walk-up stairs, power lift, run… while eating well, and maybe the bone loss would never have developed in the first place. Even if it did, continued activity with the addition of targeted holistic interventions would handle it in short order.

I have been doing this for the past 31+ years and have seen scans improve almost 100% of the time.

As far as the simplistic suggestions you received for a cure, you will always get an answer in the context of who you asked. Eat dairy and it will all be better is a classic example. Human physiology and biochemistry will always be your source to answer these types of questions. Now just wait for the 5G guys to chime in, as every ill the can ever happen to us is due to aberrant EMF
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