Functional Medicine, Abdominal Pain, SIBO, H pylori, Orange, CA 92866

Functional Medicine, Abdominal Pain, SIBO, H pylori, Orange, CA 92866Are you frustrated by your doctor not actually knowing why you don’t feel well?

I understand health and disease. It’s been my job, hobby, and passion for 34+ years.

For the first time, let’s fix the problem and stop treating or masking symptoms.

No Obligation, 15-minute, Phone Consultation*

Welcome to the Advanced Healing Center in Orange, California. I have been a passionate researcher, chiropractor, and functional medicine practitioner for over 34 years. I live what I teach. Over the last three decades, I have helped a lot of people, just like you. I help people locally and around the world get their bodies out of pain and function as close to perfection as innately possible. My expertise lies in addressing gastrointestinal issues such as SIBO, IBS, IBD, oxidative stress, and mitochondria dysfunction. Through my years of practice and daily research, I have encountered and resolved various health challenges, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

I promise to listen attentively to your concerns and thoroughly understand your unique situation. Together, we will conduct comprehensive testing and follow every lead to uncover the underlying root cause(s) of your health issues. We will then work collaboratively to develop a personalized strategy to restore your body’s function to its optimal level. My ultimate goal is to help you regain health, vitality, and youthful energy.

*Please call me today to schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. Let’s see if you and I are a good fit. I truly want you to feel both excited and confident that I have an understanding of your situation and a plan that’s right for you. I look forward to hearing from you at 714-639-4360

Respectfully and with much gratitude,

Dr. Marcus Ettinger, DC
Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and 21st Century Medical Detective
SIBO, IBS, IBD, and H. pylori Specialist
Quantum Biologist, Longevity, Anti Aging, and Mitochondria Health Enthusiast

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The truth is that health and disease are both easy to achieve. If you know a few simple techniques and truths concerning Light, Water, Magnetism, and Gratitude, bad health may never become an issue.

1. Biology doesn’t care about your philosophy when you’re sick.

2. Most diseases are just the body responding to how much disconnect there is between the person and Mother Nature. It’s that simple. Can a medication, supplement, or diet fix the disconnect? Not even close.

3. Your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions can work for you or against you. For some, this is all that is needed to separate disease from health.

4. Your environment can influence your physiology more than what you put into your mouth (medications, supplements, food…).

5. You will never get better in the same environment that allows you to become sick or inhibits you from being well.

6. Sunlight is nature’s original and most powerful vaccine against illness and disease. 

7. Being unwell (disease or illness) is not a problem without a solution but a puzzle that, with patience and time, can be solved. 

8. The totality of all epigenetic forces*, good and bad, determines one’s health status. (*Stress, diet, exercise, heat/cold, sleep, artificial light at night (ALAN), smoking, alcohol/drugs, EMF, toxins/mold, mental health, interference on the nervous system…) 

9. If you aspire to greatness, strive to control yourself; control your own behavior.

When I explain to a new patient their treatment protocol, designed to regain back their health, 95% say, “That’s way too simple.” “How can that possibly work?” “How come I’ve never heard of that before?….”

Why? It’s simply because most people live in and by the truths that are only taught in the ‘Matrix.’ A world filled with falsehoods, half-truths, outright lies, and false prophets (food gurus, blogs, awareness groups, media, AMA, Big Pharma, FDA, EPA, and FCC – If you don’t believe what you hear is controlled, watch this. FCC and WHO in the pocket of corporations

The truth is LIGHT, WATER, and MAGNETISM have been here since time immemorial. These three forces have literally shaped human existence and all that surrounds us. So, logically, why would it be so hard to believe that the avoidance or alteration of these three forces could cause disease or that health could be created or restored by harnessing them?

I have spent 1 to 2+ hours, most days, over the last 34+ years trolling PubMed, YouTube, blogs, books, podcasts, and seminars. Knowledge and understanding are fascinating to me. It’s my drug, and I can’t get enough of it. Lately, I’ve tried to find simple tools I can share with my patients to disseminate what I’ve learned over the years in a clear and concise manner as possible. I want my patients to have resources that offer a deeper dive into the concepts I share and recommend. I’ve been utilizing the videos below with my new patients for a while. Now, I want to share these six with you. These videos have helped me convey the overarching, foundational message that if we understand nature and our thoughts better, it will be easier for us to be the CEO of our health and destiny. I think these videos will resonate with most people. Please let me know your thoughts. Read more.

I have consulted people with autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s, MS, lupus…), Mast Cell Activation, Lyme, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, mitochondrial disease, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), H. pylori, SIBO/IBS/IBD, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, insulin & leptin resistance, migraines, pregnancy, ADD/ADHD, cancer, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne…), arthritis (psoriatic, reactive, RA, osteo…), hormonal & neurotransmitter imbalance, and many other symptoms and conditions. 

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Certified NET and advanced NAET practitioner. Medical detective and paleo-functional medicine practitioner. 33+ years in practice.

1989 – 2004, 2008 – Present
Executive Director, Paleo-Functional Medicine Practitioner, Chiropractor, NET, and NAET Practitioner.
Advanced Healing Center of Orange
Dr. Marcus Ettinger graduated in April of 1989 from Southern California University of Health Sciences, formerly Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, and holds both a doctorate degree in chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology
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