It turns out the circadian clock protein Rev-erbA regulates neuroinflammation in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Now, how does this paper connect to your molecular circadian clock and your peripheral clock genes (CCG’s)?

This same relationship also exists between the two coupled systems that control the eye clock protein timing mechanisms. When they are drowned in blue light or nnEMF they cause the extinction of the molecular protein gears that control your timing mechanism in every system of every cell in your body.

Where it occurs first is where diseases manifest soonest. This paper is about the brain and spinal cord.

The current model of the mammalian circadian clock includes two interlocking transcription-translation feedback loops comprised of several so-called “clock” genes and their protein products, which ultimately regulate the transcription of “clock-controlled” genes. These feedback loops consist of positive and negative components. The positive components include CLOCK and BMAL1. The negative components are PERIOD 1 & 2 and CRYPTOCHROME 1 & 2.

Rhythmic expression of these clock gene products produces circadian clock outputs by regulating transcription of clock-controlled genes (CCGs). If working properly your circadian rhythm then you must have a healthy circadian rhythm. You are most likely healthier, more energetic and youthful than others.

All of these coupled processes become unhinged due to improper light signaling – nnEMF; artificial light at night (ALAN); and lack of full spectrum sunlight, especially in the morning.

When you get the wrong light at the right time circadian disruption is the byproduct. This affects all the clock proteins in the CNS and PNS.

Here’s an interesting side note. I have a lot of bodybuilders in my practice and I’ve been introduced to the world of SARMS and related compounds. So, I’m familiar with the research compound used and a related one called GW-501516. The compound used as the Rev-erbA agonist is known as SR9009. SR9009 is technically a PPAR alpha modifier or agonist (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors). Activating Rev-erbA, in general, has many amazing benefits, enhanced mitophagy and increased oxidation of glucose within skeletal muscle are the most profound. In vivo, Rev-erbA activation has shown to prevent the development of cardiac hypertrophy, reduces fibrosis, and halt the progression of advanced heart failure in mouse models. We want Rev-erbA working for us. Rev-erb-alpha is an integrator of circadian rhythms and metabolism. What else acts as a PPAR’s agonist? Ultraviolet B light and EPA/DHA. Go figure. So, natural light at the right time of the day and seafood is the answer once again. Get your light right and dial in your CR, and make sure to get plenty of seafood.

Is Light More Powerful Than Diet? Yes.

Circadian misalignment induces fatty acid metabolism gene profiles and compromises insulin sensitivity in human skeletal muscle. When you get the wrong light at the right time circadian disruption is the byproduct. This affects all the clock proteins in the CNS and PNS. This paper shows how Type II diabetes can be created by this mechanism separate from merely eating a high carbohydrate diet. “Shift workers are affected by circadian misalignment and have an increased risk to develop metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.”