Food Allergies and Robyn O’Brien

Why do Walmart, Kraft and Coke Cola send Europe, pure, unadulterated versions of their food products and we get the versions that contain genetically modified ingredients, dyes, flavor enhancers and preservatives?

  • Why did allergy to peanuts double from 1997 to 2002?
  • Why does 1 in 17 children under the age of three have a food allergy
  • Why has there been a 256% increase in the rate of hospitalizations (doctors admitting patients not parents) related to food allergies.

Robyn O’Brien shares her personal story and how it inspired her current path as a “Real Food” evangelist. Grounded in a successful Wall Street career that was more interested in food as good business than good-for-you, this mother of four was shaken awake by the dangerous allergic reaction of one of her children to a “typical” breakfast. Her mission to unearth the cause revealed more about the food industry than she could stomach, and impelled her to share her findings with others.

Watch TEDxAustin Robyn O’Brien 2011 video.

About Robyn O’Brien:

Robyn authored “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It.” A former Wall Street food industry analyst, Robyn brings insight, compassion and detailed analysis to her research into the impact that the global food system is having on the health of our children. She founded and was named by Forbes as one of “20 Inspiring Women to Follow on Twitter.” The New York Times has passionately described her as “Food’s Erin Brockovich.”