Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. – Is One Our Greatest, Modern, Divergent Thinkers

I’ve been following Dr. Rupert Sheldrake since the mid-’90s. He’s a heretic and pioneer. I’m so very glad this video on Morphogenic Fields was produced. Standard physics, biology, and physiology are no longer successful or capable in explaining the reality of what we are and how we function. Quantum theory as in quantum physics and quantum biology is our new teacher, especially for Divergent Thinkers. Divergent Thinkers process information, analyzing it from multiple angles and exploring it’s many possible solutions or outcomes. This helps to generate new or creative ideas that may be outside the acceptable or up to this point validated truth.

Sometimes we need to forget past truths in order to discover the real, or up to now, new truths). The moment you think you know what’s up or won’t listen to NEW, then you are mentally dead. Sorry for the wake-up.

We will NEVER know all there is to know. Yea, except that fact because it is absolutely true. Always keep an open mind and a high level of curiosity.

Being satisfied and living life according to group-think is safe and easy and palatable. Living and thinking near the fringe, “divergent thinking*”, takes more risk and responsibility.

Live life on your feet or live life on your knees. You know a tiny bit more now, just by reading these 5 paragraphs of words. Blow it off or push yourself to know more.

Dr. Marcus Ettinger

*Divergent Thinking is one of the aspects that make up human creativity. Most people believe we are born with it, but I do not believe this. I believe we can teach people how to think more broadly by learning to examine things we do not believe or accept to see whether they have merit or not. Divergent thinking can be acquired and developed skill when you have “skin in the game”. I now excuse people who sense life with tiny thinking. This brand of expansive thinking is a distinct form of higher-order thinking and it can be taught to all ages of self-taught-people. “Divergents” always give themselves permission to see things differently than crowds. Misunderstandings vanish when you train yourself to ask, ‘What else might this imply’?