For a while, it was not known whether the circadian rhythm of living organisms existed as a response to the earth’s stimuli, via Sensory Receptors, or whether there was an endogenous driving factor behind the physiological changes. Research has confirmed that the circadian regulator is endogenous and originates within cells having adapted to external stimuli. The circadian clock is present in every single cell of our bodies, so although the effects of circadian rhythms are seen at organ and organ-system level, research has proven that these effects would also be seen on a close-up, cellular level.

Circadian Rhythms: Will It Revolutionise the Management of Diseases?
Amelia Seifalian and Ashley Hart

“Never think of yourself as the one, the only, the individual running the show. We are many orders of magnitude from that. We are a quantum composite, a collective of trillions of individual cells and bacteria, all contributing to the survival of the whole.” Dr. Marcus Ettinger

In the picture I’ve included below, are the Sensory Receptors we know of today. All of them, directly or indirectly play a role in our circadian rhythm. To the degree we optimize our life (via, sleep, exercise, stress on our nervous system, diet, light, thoughts, emotions, and perceptions [passion, love, and gratitude], etc…) throughout our lifetime, is to the degree we live a fulfilled and healthy life. We influence energy (life) outside of us as well as energy (life) influencing us internally. Everything that we have been exposed to or not exposed to from the moment of conception is who we are today. Can we change it if we don’t like it? Yes. Is 5G, blue light, radiation, mercury, bad, in everyone, or can it possess some hormetic quality? The more you dig the more you realize that the innate capability of most life forms, especially humans, is adaptable beyond what science knows today. I do know this; live a life in balance with nature’s circadian rhythm and you will always be ahead of the game.

Sensory receptors bridge us to our environment in a quantum fashion