Stage 4 Breast Cancer and Dr. Marcus Ettinger’s Positive Influence

Hi Dr. Ettinger,

First I have to say that you are greatly missed here in Tustin*.  We hope everything is well with you and your family.

Last year on April 2 (my birthday) I found a lump on my right breast.  After extensive testing I was diagnosed with 3 different forms of breast cancer.  I had a 2.5 cm (1 inch) lump in my right breast, 8 mm lump in my left breast the tons of micro-calcifications in my right breast.  There was also some cancer that had spread to some lymph nodes as well as my lungs.  So, it was Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  My doctor at the St. Joseph Breast Center stepped out of character and said rather bewildered, “You have a lot of disease.”

I called the office in Tustin where you used to practice and wanted to pursue some form of treatment through them, but due to finances (and his skepticism) my husband wouldn’t allow me to go that route.  So the only avenue I had available to me was to do the traditional methods using Cal Optima as my insurance.  However, after hours upon hours and days upon days of research on the internet, I determined that I would utilize herbal and supplemental support to try and protect my body from the adverse affects of the chemotherapy (5 rounds) and radiation (35 days).  Sadly I also had to have a radical mastectomy of my right breast and a lumpectomy of my left; also removal of quite a number of lymph nodes on my right side and radiation treatment to those on the right side of my neck.

I was cleansing myself with Essiac tea, taking massive doses of numerous antioxidants, as well as specifically taking AHCC, Beta Glucans, Moducare, Colostrum, and NAC.  I had read studies that said taking extremely high doses of antioxidants would protect me, while helping to boost the adverse affects to the cancer, rather than protecting the cancer.  It’s also supposed to help keep the cancer from coming back or allowing the radiation to produce other cancers in the future.

I’ve also had an extremely positive attitude all along because I knew it was not my destiny to die.  In fact 2 weeks after the diagnosis just as a little confirmation to support me, I got a fortune cookie (which I don’t normally take stock in but I felt it was providence) that said, “Long life is in store for you.”  So I framed it and kept it as an inspiration and occasionally remind G-d that he isn’t a liar and wouldn’t tease me with something like that.

I totally went vegan for about 9 months (juicing often), but have reintroduced some meats and dairy in small amounts using only organic, antibiotic free and hormone free and have only been using organic fruits and vegetables.  I had to make this change because it was too difficult to make separate meals for myself and the rest of the family for they didn’t want to go vegan.

Bottom line, I just went through all the follow-up tests (bone scan, CT, PET, mammogram) and there is absolutely no sign of any cancer in my system at all, as well as my blood work supporting the same.

I am continuing to take supplements (but not at extremely high doses, a little above normal) along with the AHCC, Beta Glucans, Moducare and NAC, but have swapped my Colostrum for Transfer Factor.

I’m telling you all this because if it weren’t for your influence in my life I may have just gone the normal route without seeking outside information and more natural ways of dealing with things to help protect myself.  So I wanted to say thank you so very much.  I wish I had had you around but I believe some of your wisdom must have sunk in.

If you have any advice or words of wisdom, I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

All my best,

K. Goldman

P.S. All the doctors were not necessarily happy about my choices because they kept saying things such as, “most people follow standard protocol.”, but they are pretty amazed at the outcome now.

Comment: The above testimonial demonstrates, not only in innate healing power of the human mind, body and spirit, but the power of immune modulating nutritional supplements.  I am not going to say that it was solely the supplements that did the trick, I will say that here positive outcome was definitely influences by them.  This combination approach, loosely falls into the realm of integrative medicine, a comprehensive style of alternative /holistic medicine – minus the integrative medicine doctor.  This is what I do in my practice everyday.  I find the underlying “why” behind a clients specific body challenge.  If you ever saw the TV series “House, M.D.“, that is my practice.  Plus my patients get the benefit of my of chiropractic expertise. I’ve been chiropractor and integrative practitioner for 23 years now.