Emotional Stress can be a double-edged sword, both a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the angle you are viewing it from. Viewed from one angle it can be painful and hard to bear. Viewed from yet another angle, it can be a catalyst for personal growth and enlightenment. Stress can be used as an excuse to play the victim card, and it can also be the force that pushes you forward into a better existence. Stress can be used as the reason you choose to become numb through drugs, medication or alcohol, and it can also be the reason you are led to education, exercise and nutrition.

The body, all of its parts and processes, will remodel according to the stress placed upon it, physically, emotionally, chemically, electromagnetically… We will never be without stress, so why not use it to our advantage. Let’s choose the glass-half-full approach to stress’ influence and use it as a tool to better our position in life.

Being under stress truly is a perfect growth-opportunity – none better. Rather than numb it or suppress it with drugs and alcohol, or run from it in denial or as a victim, why not use it as a catalyst for learning and change. During my life, my moments of clarity as well as my biggest achievements, personally and in business, manifested themselves just after the most stressful and painful times in my life. No matter how bad it can get, something good can always come from it. You just have to be open enough to see it through all the pain, confusion or upset.

Have you experienced the same? What stressful event have you been through that you used as the catalyst for positive change. What was the change you made and was it worth the pain and difficulty you had to go through? Please comment below.

The short Youtube video below, explains clearly, how stress is no more than a stimulus for change. The more stress you face the more stimulus for change. If we all understood this concept we would all be better people for it.

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