This is an interesting and telling fact I just uncovered on Facebook and shows the true intellect of those on Facebook. Here are three recent (3/19/11) news articles that people on Facebook just shared: “CBO: Obama policies would require deficits of $9.5 trillion through 2021” (120 people shared this), “Slim majority back gay marriage” (3,437 people shared this) and “Wisconsin judge temporarily blocks implementation of law curtailing public worker union rights” (2,911 people shared this).

Analysis: More people are concerned about gay marriage and unions than the potential collapse of America and our personal financial security.

Personally, I want to shake the hands of the 120 that shared the first article and then I’ll go puke.

P.S. “In its annual re-calculation of the president’s budget, the CBO concluded that Obama’s policies would cause the portion of the national debt held by outside investors to double during that period, rising to $20.8 trillion, or 87 percent of the nation’s annual economic output.”

Marcus Ettinger