“There is a cure for reactive arthritis
Don’t let the medical doctors fool you by giving you drugs!”

“I would like to thank Dr. Marcus Ettinger for explaining to me what reactive arthritis and autoimmune conditions really were, and how they can affect the body. Basically, these conditions can start from a build-up of toxins, which settle in the joints or other tissues, causing pain, inflammation, stiffness, and the potential for a wrong targeting of the immune system toward the synovial membranes or other body tissues.  To get rid of arthritis or autoimmune conditions, you need to thoroughly clean and detox your body.

Dr. Ettinger helped me build a program to stop what was causing my Reactive Arthritis (Reiter’s Syndrome) from attacking and destroying my body and helped me repair my immune system to such a high degree that my body could actually heal itself.  Note:  My Reactive Arthritis was so bad that it was eating away the joints of my toes and causing permanent deformity. Luckily, I am constantly healing and rebuilding my bones back to normal.

With Dr. Ettinger as my health coach, here are the steps I took to cure my Reactive Arthritis (Reiter’s Syndrome):

1. First I stopped taking all of my medications: methotrexate, prednisone, even aspirin. Medications only temporarily relieve the symptoms and ultimately weaken the immune system. To get to the real problem you need to clean the body and let the immune system do its job – heal the body.

2. I followed the Gerson Method, every day, of juicing and coffee retention enemas. After 30 days of this, I progressed to eating only natural foods, never processed or refined. I kept the juicing in.

3. Chiropractic adjustments helped my body stay in alignment and helped my nervous system to function properly.

4. I took specific supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies.

5. I did a sauna detoxification program to help rid my body of stored toxins.

Again, I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Ettinger for showing me the right path toward another chance at life. If it wasn’t for Dr. Ettinger, I would still be taking useless medications and going down a dwindling spiral toward pain, deformity, and uncertainty about the quality of life I would live. At the rate my condition was progressing, I would have been in a wheelchair in a year or so. Instead, I’m 100% cured, and it was all done naturally.

P.S. If anyone does not believe this letter or would like to ask me a question, please call me (714) 832-xxxx* and I will be happy to talk with you.

Thank you, Dr. Ettinger”

(signature on the original)

Alan Schlines

*Alan Schlines is no longer at this phone number. Since writing this letter, Alan has written a book, Stop Arthritis: How I Defeated It Naturally. I had the privilege of writing the forward to his book. Dr. E

Book Description

An amazing true story of how one man went against the traditional medical treatment for incurable reactive arthritis and found himself on an incredible journey into the world of natural health. Along the way, he had the good fortune to meet four amazing natural healthcare professionals each of whom specialized in their own programs towards arthritis. They helped guide and teach him how to use these programs so that his body could rise up and defeat this devastating disease, naturally. Also, through his own hard work and research, he learned many other complementary programs that are a basic guide to living a healthier lifestyle. In this personal story, his journey will be explained step-by-step showing you how his body went from the stages of rapidly deteriorating joints to abandoning his medication and switching to a natural program, and finally to defeating his arthritis and becoming symptom-free for over 10 years. In Stop Arthritis, his entire program will be revealed to you so that you can, not just cope with arthritis, but defeat it!

About the Author

Alan Schlines defeated his incurable reactive arthritis over 10 years ago. He remains pain-free and his mission is to help educate people on natural health so that they too can enjoy a better quality of life. He believes that natural health options should be brought to everyone’s awareness and available to them if they so desire. He is a member of The Coalition for Natural Health, American Holistic Health Association (AHHA), Herb Research Foundation, and EarthSave International. He graduated with a business degree from Chapman University and lives in Southern California.

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