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My Testimonial

Growth at the age of 18 usually pertains to mental and physical changes of an affirmative nature-one entering long awaited adulthood. This transition is a defining moment, submerge within human mushrooming, that manifests the liberating self within-the adult. A period as such begs for last youthful, teenage, adolescent kicks before the initial throw into survival for personal prevail.. We always look back years later, reminisce of the high school times, of its euphoric, trivially troubled, apathetic and awkwardly clumsy moments with jubilance and just sigh. This sort of ease I was not granted with, for at this time I developed a gluten and dairy intolerance.

Starting with just simple pain, it escalated to chronic visits to the bathroom, metamorphose into crude IBS, simultaneously arousing a type of acid relax which brought nothing but unprecedented pain, discomfort, or simply-terrible depressing life. After many visits to the doctor, pills, pills, and more pills were prescribed. The assumed acid reflux did nothing but add to the issues. My stomach felt destroyed. I thought if I limited my food intake, such as spice, and just eat simple foods like bread symptoms would ease-they only showered. The details are terrible of the pain I underwent every day for about a year.

Turning to the internet and easing of pills helped. Soon I was on some holistic herbal pills (name I do not recall), which seemed to help. After months and months I finally stumbled onto a forum that matched my symptoms and I dove into its contents. Having never heard of gluten intolerance, and having an imbedded humor towards lactose intolerance there was no consideration of it. And then, somehow, by some cosmic infinitesimally small chance, Dr. Ettinger had a meager response to someone’s statement on this ambiguous forum. After reluctant search I reached his website and made an appointment. BEST DECISION, EVER.

At this point in time, I entered his office hopeless and depressed. The chemical spark within was never this lifeless. Following thorough dietary details Dr. Ettinger’s immediate response and conclusion was that I, in fact, was gluten intolerant and everything my body digested was poison for it. Skipping the initial shock, it was quite difficult to cope with such news and to develop an acute sensory as well as filtration system to accommodate my bodily needs. Trials and errors persisted, stumbles and falls waved in. Still, improvement showed. Slowly, but in actuality promptly, my body underwent a speedy rehabilitation and I felt amazing.

Remembrance of such joy, such avid taste of my anatomies equilibrium was elusive. I finally returned to my body’s normalcy. I still took in diary, only to realize a bit later that that too was an allergen. After its elimination I never felt better. It has now been about a year since I’ve been gluten and dairy free. It has been difficult but worth it. Crudely, perhaps in a bit exaggerated manner, I do not know if I would have survived without this simple analysis. I can now have gluten and dairy occasionally and feel no symptoms (if necessary). This is not some requested testimonial, there is no higher truth. Dr. Ettinger possesses healing knowledge for all, and I still joke around that he should somehow replicate himself in the health profession for others to benefit from. If I was a millionaire I would definitely pay him generously. Unfortunately I’m not, and I owe him greatly for all he’s done. I still visit whenever I can just for a check-up.

Best regards,