It’s the morning of day (19) on the Ultra Lite program and I’m now down 11 lbs – 163.5 lbs.  Eleven pounds may not sound like that much until you try walking around with two five pound bags of sugar, for 8 hours.  Try it for just 10 minutes and see how you feel.

My mom says it's just baby fat.

My mom says it's just baby fat.

Here is an interesting observation: Since I’ve been on this program I have been sharing my story with everyone I know, meet or have as a friend on the net.  You know how many people have said, “you know, I would like to lose a few pounds too and get back into shape?”  One!  And she signed up today to complete the program.  My conclusion, which may be right or wrong, but I feel it’s more correct than not – most people are satisfied with their current weight and level of health.  Either that or they have gotten so used to how they look and feel that change is not in their reality.

You would think that most people would want to live a long and healthy life, and take proactive steps to guarantee that it would be that way, when they’re seniors.  For some reason it’s not working out that way.   As an example: Most of my friends are in there mid-forties and have known me for over 20 years.  The number of those friends that has asked me for advise or help, one or two.   Now maybe it’s because they think of me more as their buddy, than as a doctor, but they know what I do, how I look and how I act.  So, really there are no excuses.

That’s my two cents for the day.

Marcus Ettinger

Medical Detective & Digestion Coach at Advanced Healing Center of Orange
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