It’s the morning of day (27) on the Ultra Lite program and I’m now down another .5lb, 13lbs total – 161.5lbs.  My original goal weight was between 160-165lbs and a body fat of 10%.  My estimate is that I will have to hit 155lbs to reach 10%.  Diego Sanchez, watch out.

Marcus Ettinger_day 1_ Jan 17 2010

January 15, 2010 – Fuburary 13, 2010 

Age: 45 years, 5 months 

Marcus Ettinger _ day 27_Feb 13 2010

3 weeks to go until my Sonoma wine tasting trip, then 4 weeks until we leave for an all inclusive trip to Puerto Vallarta.  My goal as of today will be at 10% body fat by the end of March and somewhere between 155lbs and 160lbs.  I will have to add 45-90 minutes of cardio, per week into the equation, along with 3-4 hours of weights.  This is very doable.  I can’t wait for next months pictures.