It’s the morning of day (40) on the Ultra Lite program and I’m now down another half pound, 14.5 lbs total weight-loss – weighing in at 160 lbs.

I am six days into my maintenance phase, and for the last three I have added two, six ounces glasses of red wine a day. The reason for this is that I have not had any wine this past month and I am going on a three day wine tasting trip, next weekend.  I really don’t want to be passed-out after the first hour, so I need to build-back a little tolerance to alcohol.

The great thing about being a biochemist/doctor is the fact that I can use modern chemistry, anatomy and physiology to my advantage. This advantage not only helped me, but every client I put on this program.

Here is where chemistry comes in. Bringing the body into ketosis or maintaining ketosis is only possible if the level of carbohydrates, proteins and fats ingested, being converted into glucose (blood sugar), stays below a certain threshold.  I have been in ketosis for a little over five weeks now.  The fact that I have stayed in ketosis even though I have had two glasses of wine the past three nights, proves that my body, especially my brain, is requiring more glucose (blood sugar) than I am providing it, through my food and beverage intake. My increased exercise, cardio and weight training, level has kept by body liberating fat, supplying ketone bodies, to compensate for the low blood glucose, even though there is the addition of the increased daily carbohydrate intake from the wine.

My energy level and clarity of thought is still the same.

I have also converted back to my morning breakfast shake, which I have had as my daily breakfast for years.

Dr. Ettinger’s Breakfast Shake Ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate (ISO 100) – 1 Scoop
Lecithin Granules (non-GMO) – 1 Tbsp (normally 2 Tbsp)
Flax Seed Oil (organic, cold pressed) – NOT NOW, but normally 1 Tbsp
Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil – 1 Tsp
Spirulina – 1 Tbsp
Vitamin D3 Emulsion – 6,000IU’s
Psyllium Husk Fiber – 1 heaping Tbsp
Konjac Soluble Fiber – 1 Tsp
Acai Powder, Organic Freeze Dried – 2 Tsp
Probiotic Defense, Now Foods – ½ Tsp