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Orange County Weight loss – The UltraLite program is designed to aid those looking for help with weight‐loss, pre‐diabetes and/or diabetes reversal. Unlike the majority of other weight-loss programs, all of the food you will be eating are readily available and are most likely already in your pantry and refrigerator.  There is absolutely no need or requirement to buy any special foods. for this weight-loss program. The best part of following the UltraLite program is that you can even prepare the same meals, you eat, for the rest of your family – weight-loss and a happy, health family too. The UltraLite meal plan stresses a proper balance of high quality, lean proteins, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids.

The UltraLite (weight‐loss, pre‐diabetes and diabetes reversal) program is based on a protein (muscle, internal organ, and immune system) sparing, modified diet that promises to never leave you feeling hungry, is completely safe, and is easily maintainable ‐ for life. The UltraLite meal plan is designed to promote body fat loss while maintaining lean muscle mass and healthy body tissues. Those in the know, like myself, understand that your metabolism is unique to you and one diet does not work for everyone. Your personal program is monitored daily through a simple at home method. Using simple and tested guidelines, weight management is structured, safe, and most of all, consistent. Your results will be easy to see on the scale and in your weekly measurements, done at our office.

In fact, the results will speak for themselves. In the first week, those on the UltraLite (weight-loss, pre-diabetes  and diabetes reversal) program have lost between 4 to 10 pounds. 2 to 6 pounds should be lost every week thereafter. In fact, utilizing a simple morning urine test, every day, enables you to see, in less than 20 seconds, if you are burning body fat and losing weight. A positive test means your body has achieved a mild state of ketosis1, which is a very good thing and a substantial motivator to stay faithful on the program. Being in ketosis validates that the UltraLite (weight‐loss, pre‐diabetes and diabetes reversal) program is working and that you are in a state of losing body fat, another very good thing.

Because the UltraLite meal plan is nutritionally balanced, your muscle tone should improve as you lose body fat and weight. Most people, including myself report feeling fabulous (follow my ongoing, UltraLite journey here). As a matter of fact I have never felt better than when I am in ketosis, mentally and physically! Exercise is not mandatory to lose weight but it is mandatory to maintain and/or build muscle tone, strength and definition. The type of exercise you choose is totally up to you, but I personally recommend a combination or cardio and weight training.

1 Ketosis in this context is where you burn fat for energy rather than sugar [glucose] or protein

The initial phase of the UltraLite (weight-loss, pre‐diabetes and diabetes reversal) program begins with an initial 4 page questionnaire (fill one out today) followed by a comprehensive one hour, private consultation. During this visit you will also receive a professional digital kitchen scale, ketone test strips, 5 weeks of supplements packets, an in depth UltraLite program manual, private access to my UltraLite website and weekly health oriented e‐mail bulletins. From there a 5 to 10 week program using the dietary concepts, specific supplements, home monitoring and weekly in office, private follow‐ups are included (initial consultation will determine program duration).

The supplement packets: are an organic whole food concentrate, which ensures adequate daily mineral, vitamins and carbohydrates. Packets are taken four times a day, and are designed to minimize hunger, promote detoxification and aid in fat‐loss. As you work toward your goal‐weight, adjustments may be made to enhance active weight‐loss while developing a personalized strategy for permanent stabilization of your weight.

Once you reach your goal‐weight, you will be placed on a well‐balanced maintenance program, with periodic check‐ups, to help insure you maintain all the wonderful gains you will have achieved.

The UltraLite (weight-loss, pre-diabetes and diabetes reversal) program is very simple, extremely safe, competitively priced, overseen by myself and my wife, Stephaine, a certified personal trainer and fitness expert. As an added level of confidence, the UltraLite (weight-loss, pre‐diabetes and diabetes reversal) has given over 1,000,000 people a new life to enjoy, by teaching them to think about how they are eating and apply these principles to their food choices and portion sizes.

Although being overweight increases the risk of developing many other health problems, its treatment is often not a covered medical expense and we do not accept insurance assignment for any part of the UltraLite (weight-loss, pre-diabetes/diabetes reversal) program. Logically, it would make scene that insurance companies would want to help because those who lose excess weight report improvement in tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel disorders, insomnia, aching joints, headaches, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and lack of motivation.

Call us at (714-639-4360) or e‐mail Stephanie (uliteoc@hotmail.com) to get the details, answer questions, and be sure you’re a good candidate for the UltraLite (weight-loss, pre-diabetes and diabetes reversal) program.