Dear Dr.  Ettinger,

I wanted to thank you for you and your wife’s guidance through my weight-loss with Ultra-Lite.

I had spent more than 20 years well over 200 pounds and had tried other programs with limited results, unable to successfully lose over 30 pounds.  Ultra-Lite was the first program that I could maintain focus, eat real food (no processed foods), while losing weight. No loss of skin tone (wrinkles) and I actually ended up looking younger.

Your weekly guidance and check-ins were essential for me because I had decided not see any of my losses during weigh-ins (did not look at the scale and I did not want to know how much I was losing).  I was told weekly that I had great weight-loss but never the exact amount.  Having my measurements taken was important also because I knew I was losing inches, but I didn’t need to know the specifics. Sometimes my inches lost was greater than a weight loss. Others on the program, I am sure need to use the specific, weight-loss, information for motivation and they will get it. But for me, I would have just played around with the numbers and try to get away with cheating if I had known my exact weight-loss.  For me, not knowing my exact weight-loss enabled me to focus on just staying on program.

After a few weeks the healthy eating resulted in more energy with, of course, my cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels going down.  I lost 65 pounds in a matter of 7 months. Getting rid of all the size 20-24 clothes was so rewarding and now living a healthy lifestyle is very satisfying.

Thank you again,

Orange, CA