Orange County, CA.  January 21, 2010 – It’s the morning of day four on the Orange County UltraLite (weight-loss) Program and now down 6lbs – 168.5lbs.  This is the second day of ketosis, and as expected, I lost 1% body fat.   Now down to 22% (home scale) 14% *(Omron fat-loss monitor).   If this keeps up, I’ll be to my goal weight and BF% in no time at all.   The best part is that I feel great and I am eating nutritious, real food.

3 Different Ketone Bodies

3 Different Ketone Bodies

The great thing about being in ketosis is the natural high you get.   Everything is very clear and my clarity of thought is  much better.  The reason being is that Ketones function as “brain fuel.”   The major role of ketone bodies, their real name, is to supply an alternative (to glucose) fuel for the brain in situations where there are little or no carbohydrates available  from food.  Use Ketosis to Train Your Brain to Sleep Less

I know I can’t keep this up forever but realistically, I will only stay in ketosis until my weight-loss goal is reached.

*From now on I will only be using the Omron to monitor my body fat loss, as it is far more accurate.   I will check the home scale for percentage loss accuracy.

Ultra Lite Dinner - Dijon Salmon with Spinach (befor baking)

Ultra Lite Dinner - Dijon Salmon with Spinach

This what we had for our Ultra Lite dinner tonight.  Baked salmon with a Dijon mustard glaze, a top a bed of spinach (I added sliced Serrano pepper slices to mine).  This was way better than I ever thought it would be.  The acidic  Dijon mustard glaze balances out the fattiness of the salmon, perfectly.  The greens braise in the salmon fat, which makes them taste killer.  As I will say often, I miss my wine with dinner but I know this is worth it and it won’t be long until I can have a glass.

I think when I am done with this initial phase I will limit my wine with dinner to the weekend only.  Five days of eating very well and a little leeway on the weekends, seems like a great balance.  How else will I be able to maintain 10%  or less body fat?

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