January 18, 2010 – This is day one on the Orange County UltraLite (weight-loss) Program that my wife and I will be doing, for the next five weeks.  My going on the Ultra Lite program will serve two purposes: one, I am an  UltraLite  (weight-loss and pre-diabetes) certified practitioner and I administer this program in my Orange County integrative medicine practice.  Two, is that I want to know every the in and out, so be better prepared to answer all questions that may come-up in regard to this program.  I have never been one to just talk the talk.  Follow me on my five week program.

Day 1 Ultra Lite Program

Day 1 Ultra Lite Program

Day 1 Ultra Lite Program

Day 1 Ultra Lite Program

Age – 45 years 4 months

Height: 5′ 9″

BMI: 26

Starting Weight – 174.5 (home scale)

Body Fat – 23% (home scale) 15% (Omron Fatt Loss Monitor HBF-306C)


  • Neck – 14.75″
  • Chest – 43″
  • Left Bicep – 13.5″
  • Waist – 35.25″
  • Hips – 36.75″
  • Thigh – 18.75″

Goal Weight and Body Fat – 160-165 lbs; 10%-12% BF

Updates will include recipes, pictures and commentary.  For more information on the UltraLite (weight-loss/pre-diabetes) program or how you can get started on sustained weight loss for life, please call our Orange County office – 714-639-4360

Address: 630 S. Glassell St. #103 – Orange, CA – 92866

Note: My Orange County office is one of the top combination, integrative medicine and weight-loss clinics in the county – with over 21 years of helping people reach the diverse health and wellness goals.

Marcus Ettinger

Medical Detective & Digestion Coach at Advanced Healing Center of Orange
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