I love vitamin D, and I personally feel everyone should be taking it.  From this day forward I will put a link to every vitamin D report I read.

My favorite Vitamin D supplement is, Liquid Vitamin D Forte by Biotics Research. Each drop provides 2,000Iu’s of Bioactive vitamin D3. There are 700+ drops in the bottle and it’s only $20.00. If you would like to purchase a bottle please call Rene at 714-639-4360

Liquid Vitamin D Forte by Biotics Research

Liquid Vitamin D Forte by Biotics Research

Vitamin D May Ease Asthma

Adequate Levels of Vitamin D May Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Low Vitamin D Has a Role in Heart Risk

Vitamin D Reduces the Risk for Broken Bones

Vitamin D Deficiency Boosts C-Section Risk

Vitamin D May Reduce Falls in Elderly Nursing Home Residents

Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Lower Baby’s Risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Low Levels of Vitamin D Linked to Asthma