I’m sure you’ve heard me say a million times, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It still is and won’t change anytime soon. I would like to share with you another example of a typical breakfast shake I make five to six times a week. The ingredients may change slightly from shake to shake, but this is a very good example of what it’s like most of the time. YES, You do have the time to make this. Start to clean-up is about 10 minutes. To be honest, most people won’t do the vegetable juice, and that’s fine. It would be fantastic if everyone could juice daily, but I’m a realist and that aint going to happen. The next best thing is to buy store bought carrot juice or other vegetable juice. If that’s not going to happen, just use water. It will taste about the same and provide the same level of satiety.        

The Perfect Breakfast Shake

organic vegetables for the super breakfast shake

Above is a typical example of the vegetables that we use to make our vegetable juice each morning. I use about 8 ounces of the juice as the liquid for my breakfast shake and drink the rest. Today we are using spinach, cilantro, beet, red cabbage, carrot, celery, and cucumber. All of the vegetables will be bought organic, if humanly possible. 

superfood ingredients for my breakfast shake

Here all of the organic, superfood ingredients I usually put into my breakfast shake. It’s a perfect meal!

  • Protein sources: Raw walnuts;  raw, green pumpkin seeds; spirulina powder, and collagen protein powder.
  • Carbohydrate sources: Vegetable juice, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, and banana.
  • Fat sources: Raw, cacao nibs; flax seed oil (1-2 tbsp); walnuts; raw, green pumpkin seeds; and spirulina (anti-inflammatory, omega 6 fatty acids).
  • Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant sources: Vegetable juice; turmeric powder (curcumin); shilajit (fulvic acid, humic acid, iron, copper, and zinc); Seasons 90 Baja Gold Sea Salt (sodium, chloride, magnesium); raw green pumpkin seeds (manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron), spirulina (B12, Vit. A, Vit C, calcium, iron, RNA/DNA)

nutribullet ready to go for my breakfast shake

Everything but the vegetable juice is in the NutriBullet cup. Next, I add the vegetable juice and blend. There are enough calories and high-octane ingredients in this breakfast shake to sustain any appetite or hunger for up to 6 hours.

Other fruits and ingredients can be added or subtracted. I will, from time to time, add chaga mushroom powder, acai berry powder, BCAA’s, bentonite clay, mucuna pruriens, fish oil (EPA/DHA), cacao powder, lecithin granules, MSM, and silica drops. I’ve gone 14 days just drinking these shakes and felt fantastic. They taste great, are quick to make, and give the body everything it needs to thrive.

Try substituting a shake instead of a meal a few times each week. It’s great for weight loss, energy, mood enhancement, bowel issues like constipation, and increasing the nutrition level of your standard diet.

Bon Appetit!