Humans evolved, sculpted in a way, tethered to a magnetic planet while bathed in ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light for around 2.8 million years.

This extremely long period of intimate connection between humans and the totality of their environment resulted in humans evolving into a light-capturing, light-harnessing semiconductor and battery.

Every tissue/cell/organelle (collagen, cell membrane, mitochondria…), compound (water, blood…), and chemical bond in our body has the potential to directly or indirectly benefit from, absorb, transfer, or convert chemical, electromagnetic, or photonic energy.

This energy can be transferred to an electron in a molecule or a pigment molecule (chromophore)… initiating a biological process (communication via energy transfer), or be converted into mechanical, electrical, or thermal energy.

For example, the absorption, transfer, and conversion of photonic energy allow us to see; produce signaling molecules such as nitric oxide, melatonin, vitamin D, and serotonin; regulate cortisol, blood pressure, and blood sugar; mitosis; immune function; microbiome diversity and abundance… as well as facilitating just about every process within us to operate more efficiently and for a longer span of our life.

Humans are designed to be yoked to the natural world. That said, most live ignorant of this fact and disconnected from the earth and the sun; they’re original and forever free software update programs.

And don’t forget, we are also designed to move freely (hunt, escape, recreate…) and think, eat, drink, and breathe without manmade adulterants or interference.

Rubber-soled shoes, clothing, sunblock, window glass, sunglasses, artificial light, working from home, DoorDash®…, Amazon®…, Peloton®…, computers, video games, television, public health policy, modern transportation, fear, and anxiety… are all contributing to the demise of the species, homo sapiens. Knowingly or unknowingly, this is done on an individual basis by the daily choices each of us makes. There is no law or mandate that requires anyone to comply with the above way of living. Artificial Light at Night Causes Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder

Health is as easy to maintain as ill health is to manifest. It just boils down to what you feel is important, the choices you make in your life, and whether you are Sculpted By Light.

I’ll leave you with this allegory about food, supplements, medications, and water vs the natural world. Jesus comes down from heaven and brings you the most special house plant in the universe. It was planted in compost (ex. food/supplements/medications) from St. Peter’s own garden and watered with the joyful tears of angels. After giving you this plant with the best upbringing, food, and water in the universe, you place it in a light-proof closet – disconnected from the natural world. Will it live or die? I hope you choose, die. The best food, water, supplements, and medications in the world will not make a difference if you disconnect from the two forces that sculpted you the most: the sun and earth.

Note: The above is my thesis and is real to me. You are not entitled to believe or act on this thesis unless you also believe it to be true. Luckily, one thing we still have in our control is CHOICE.

Vitamin D from the sun reduces all-cause mortality